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Crafting Your Personal Path to Success

Embrace the magic of your entrepreneurial journey, where every challenge becomes a transformative experience for soulful growth

A profound shift occurs when you release the pursuit of a final destination, and instead, align your business by design

Are you ready to unlock the door to your potential with the key you’ve always held?

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you are unique

You’ve started your business because you wanted
freedomabundance, and to have an impact right?

Little by little you started to incorporate the strategies you learned from others. And they worked (a bit) but now you can feel you’ve lost your sparkle. 

You’ve reached a point and are asking yourself “Is this it?”

You have given away your power to what the experts said you needed to do and now you feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, and unsure why you even bother. 

You have untapped potential and I can see it.  You can probably feel it, and that is why you are browsing the internet and ended up here. You are welcome as you are, but know that I will unravel you

Get to the core of who you are and what drives you. 

I don’t have THE exact answers to all your questions but I know they are already encoded into you. I do have a lot of tips in my backpack due to +13 years of experience and I will hold space for you to experiment, let go, and fly.

nice to meet you!

a spaceholder for unicorns

In a world that glorifies hustle, I started my entrepreneurial journey at a young age.

As a 6/2 self-projected projector, I’ve done many experiments for the first 30 years of my life. So over the past 13 years, I built several profitable businesses in different niches. 

I love the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship but 4 years ago I felt lost. Disconnected from the world & myself. 

I was doing everything as I should. A team, 200 world-class clients, passive income, location independent… But, I couldn’t enjoy it!

Things needed to change fast, so I went on a journey to align my business with my design.

stephanie Smolders

Lets go on a journey together

Ready to align
your business by design?

Explore the offerings and let’s embark on a journey to unlock your profound potential and redefine success on your terms.

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Schedule a match call to identify your next steps for more flow, impact & income


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Are you an entrepreneur by design?

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