In this episode, I interview Imogen Roy, a strategy coach who helps women create unstoppable success in work and life without compromise. Her mission is to help women tune in to that feeling of self trust and inner timing.

Want to be more productive and present in your work? This episode is for you.

In this episode: 

1:20 what is Imogen’s mission

2:00 Saturn Return and reflections: how she got here

4:37 Catalyst to becoming an entrepreneur: stress issues in the body

7:20 Always seeing opportunities and how she always books out her coaching business

8:00 the fear of going from employment to self-employed

9:57 the myth of hustling and pushing

14:00 the impact of human design (shame around gifts)

19:20 Projector Bitterness + scarcity

23:00 the big problem with mainstream productivity – focus on energy management

27:45 the 3 hormonal cycles that affect us

39:00 process of self-care after burn-out

42:30 the marketing strategy no one talks about

47:00 the genius concept of ads

50:00 analogy of a fruit tree with your mission


“You have all the answers inside of you”

“I was me, then the world conditioned me to who they thought I should be and I feel like now after 30 years I’ve come back to myself.”

“The process of unlearning rather than becoming”

“My mind is an assistant to my body”

“The myth of hustling: we invented machines to help with our workload but what ended up happening is that we are mimicking the machines. Trying to keep up with them. We completely forgotten why we invented them in the first place. What happened is that now we have an incredible inefficient system. Example: it takes 3 liters of water to create 1 liter of bottled water”.

“Human Design removes to need to fix each other.” “Just have to live in your design and there is balance in the eco system.”

“We are all encoded with a inner sense of right timing”

“We don’t need a blueprint, we don’t need a strategy, we don’t need to take a 1000 courses – we just know in ourselves what is right for us in any given moment.”