Can you believe that there was a time I hated Instagram? I would get slight anxiety when I had to open the Instagram or Facebook app. This was about 3 years ago, where I was immensely focused on my marketing statistics and strategy, that I lost track of what marketing really is.

In this blog article, I’m going to give you three tips I wish I knew years ago AND help you create a marketing strategy to get more clients.


You might recognize this for yourself, and a lot of my clients get to this point :


  • You have learned so much about your ideal client that getting in touch with them seems a daunting task.
  • You have mastered your  messaging but it doesn’t sound like you anymore
  • You upload quotes, pictures, and videos to Instagram, and now you need to do TikTok as well! #overwhelm
  • You got to a point that you’re so overwhelmed that you’re like, No; I don’t want to do any marketing anymore. I’m done. I’m just going to do nothing. 

Well, you’re not the only one. This happens to a lot of entrepreneurs who want to do it “right”. his article is inspired by a recent client session where her question was, “I want to have a simple marketing strategy.” But the main problem was that her strategy was stopping her from creating content altogether. She didn’t enjoy marketing at all. At that point, she wasn’t excited to create a post, a video, or write something for her ideal client. She got super stuck in the thinking, “But I have to do these things. Otherwise, the algorithm will not like me”, and that is not a place you want to be at with your marketing strategy.


If your strategy is holding you back from actually doing things, it’s not the right fit.

I want to dive deeper and explore THREE TIPS to reassess what you’re doing in your marketing and to realign it.


Either you’re at this point right now where you have no strategy whatsoever, or you have a system and strategy in place, but it’s really limiting you at this point and it doesn’t feel aligned.
So, identify where you’re at between these two and what it really is that triggered you to read this article. 


Yeah, you need a strategy and some kind of guidance on how this online marketing world works and what you can do to reach your client. Does that mean that you have to do it a certain way? I don’t subscribe to the idea that there is just one way to create a successful marketing strategy and get more clients. Your online marketing has to be fun, exciting, and just something that you look forward to doing. 


Marketing is just the way of creating a connection or creating a relationship with someone else who you can help, either with your service or your product

That’s all that marketing is! It’s not some scam or trick. It’s not that you’re manipulating people. You’re just creating a piece of content that will inspire people to take action. You’ll educate someone on a topic that they’re already interested in. To give them some kind of value or understanding that they’re not alone in what they’re going through. So if marketing is something that you don’t like, here is where you have to start. Ask yourself these questions: 

  • What is it about marketing that you don’t like? Is it because you cannot be creative?
  • Is it because you think you have to be the perfect writer? Is it because you believe you have to have really good photos?
  • What is it about marketing that makes it feel icky for you right now?
  • What do you enjoy about marketing?
  • How do you define marketing for your business? 
  • Which social media platforms do you personally enjoy hanging out on? 

Once you have explored what marketing means to you by diving deeper into these questions let me give you two tips when it comes to creating your marketing strategy.

TIP 1: learn marketing techniques & human behaviour


We all need things and services and marketing is just the way to get it to your ideal client. So learn human behaviour, learn how people think and act. How and why we buy things… What we desire, what we fear, how we communicate to our neighbours, …. The first rule of marketing is understanding what makes people tick. You’ll probably have created a customer profile and understand who your ideal client is. 

There’s a lot of traditional and non-traditional marketing advice on this. It is one thing to understand your ideal client from a demographic point of view and it is a whole other thing to truly being tapped into your soul clients! The combination of both is what I teach when it comes to understanding your ideal client. . And it also depends on where you are in your business and how well you are connected to your ideal clients. 


The next thing you want to learn are marketing techniques. Copywriting, graphic design, understanding all the social media platforms, algorithms, …  

Learn how to write good sales pages, learn how to write good articles, learn how to write good Instagram captions, there, that’s a skill.

Some people are talented in copywriting and for some, this might take more practice but learn.  It’s a skill, it’s something you can train on and believe me, copywriting is something every entrepreneur should learn and practise. The best part is you don’t have to be a pro at it but you can always tweak it… Find out what your voice is, what your tone of voice is, how you would like to be perceived.  What’s your natural way of communicating with people? 


TIP 2: leave everything you have learned behind


I know this is super counterintuitive, right? But once you’re so deep in all this marketing-related stuff, it feels overwhelming. It might feel like it’s never going to be good enough and you’re always going to miss something in order to be successful at marketing and reaching your ideal client. That’s bullshit!  You can learn a lot about marketing.


But at some point, you’ll have to trust that you know enough, or that you learned enough to actually do things your way…

Write that caption, create that video and send that email. There is a point where you just have to trust that you have all the skills that are necessary to reach the people that need to be reached by you. Trust that you will reach the right people with your marketing. So don’t overcomplicate it.

Once you’ve got the basics of the different aspects of marketing, find out what works and is natural for you. Maybe talking on video is something that’s supernatural for you, maybe it’s not. Maybe you’re great at creating graphics and that’s the way you’re going to reach your audience. Maybe you’re great at writing long-form emails, then that’s the way to go. 

Learn about all the different tools to use and then find what works for you. And just become superb at that. That’s it!

I don’t believe in letting other people do ALL of your marketing, especially if you are the product (personal brand) but if that feels better for you, try it out.

Integrate everything that you’ve learned and start doing the things that light you up.

In my opinion, you can only start outsourcing your marketing when you have figured out what works for your marketing strategy. It has to feel aligned for you! For example, I enjoy writing Instagram captions and making podcasts. I don’t enjoy editing the podcast; I don’t like researching hashtags for Instagram. So those are things I outsource. I did it myself in the beginning, just to learn and understand the process. But once I understood the process, I really didn’t like it. So if you are anything like me, you just hire someone to do it for you. And if you’re not in that position, try to make it fun for yourself or see if you can trade your expertise with someone who has the expertise you are looking for. Maybe you don’t really have a lot of ideas like what do I have to post? Barter with a creative ideas master.  There are a lot of ways you can do your marketing, and you don’t have to do it all by yourself. 

Try to launch your course and fail and then reflect on it. Take your learnings and do it again.

TIP 3: fail


If you’re successful with your marketing strategy from the get-go, you don’t know exactly what is working. Because you’re not really sure what it really is that is converting your leads to clients.

My advice to clients is always to experiment with your marketing campaigns. Find out what you enjoy and what works well for your type of audience. It is okay when something you tried didn’t work out. This actually gives you way more valuable data to work with than when everything works. Just make sure you note down all your trials and the outcome. This way you can duplicate


Trust that you have an intuitive strategy in you. Yes, you might need help from someone to zoom out and make those steps more clear, taking you away from the hustle and bustle.. That is really helpful, but trust that you will do things strategically. And that it’s just a matter of putting the right puzzle pieces together.


Often when people come to me with “Hey, Stephanie, I really don’t like marketing, I really think I need a funnel. I really think I need help with launching my course. I need a strategy to reach more people.”. I respond by asking them a few questions and they basically create their entire strategy by themselves. With me just asking a few questions and then reflecting and making it organized. That’s it! So if it’s hard for you to zoom out, get a coach. Look at all the puzzle pieces you have and create your marketing strategy.



But remember, when you’re first starting in business, you don’t really need to have a complete marketing strategy. You just have to start!

So those are my three top tips. But in general, don’t overcomplicate it. Learn the things that you need to learn about marketing, and then start doing those things.  If you want to start by looking at your current marketing operations and determine what you can improve I have created the ultimate marketing checklist. A mini-course that helps you audit your marketing efforts and gives you clear action steps on how to create your marketing strategy to get more clients!

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