You have probably had quite the journey as an entrepreneur (& human) already. Trust me, every entrepreneur has. In this article, I’m sharing a part of my journey as a projector and entrepreneur BEFORE I found Human Design.


I could tell you that Human Design is the key to creating a successful business. But I do not believe in quick fixes. Comparable to most tools, Human Design can be a good indicator of what to look at within yourself and gives you directions for your (business) strategy. It is both empowering and reassuring to understand your design.


I love the analogy that you are the captain of your own ship”; the ship being your business🚢.


In that analogy, Human Design is like the compass that guides you toward your next destination.
Everything within your design — centers, profile, authority, channels, gates, energy type — acts as anchors ⚓. A place to stop, dive deeper, and explore.


Let us get a bit personal, in this article you’ll read how Human Design basically changed my whole life and business.

 🌎 Before Human Design found me 

When I first discovered Human Design, I wanted to run away from it. As you probably, I have been through some storms ⛈️ when it comes to being an entrepreneur. It all started when I got my first actual business invitation. I had no idea about Human Design at the time. I also didn’t know I was a projector and had to wait for the invitation (waiting for the invitation is a vital strategy for projectors).


My former boss invited me to take on more responsibilities in the company he founded. He had the vision to transform the event rental business into a service company with hostesses, bar personnel, etc. He recognized I was a people person; you know, the kind that gets along with anyone and is a real team player.

The only thing was, I just turned 19 that summer and would be hiring team members twice my age AND be their “boss”.

To compensate, I started to work harder to prove my worth. Work was my only focus, and growing the business was the ultimate goal, no matter what!

Combine that with coming from a long family line of entrepreneurs and a completely open solar plexus, heart, and spleen center, and you have a recipe for disaster. (You’ll discover what all of this means in my free guide about aligning your business with your Human Design. Click here to download the guide.)

The pressure was ON! 


In my teenage and young adult years, I lived as a manifesting generator.

  • Working + 60-hour weeks
  • building my business with multiple side-hustles (MG much?)
  • studying because I needed paper in case my business failed
  • trying to balance my social life  

I have a long list of achievements from that period in my life, of which I am still very proud. You see, I have a 6/2 profile, which means up until the 30th birthday, I live life as a 3 line. This means trial and error or a LOT of life experience and experiments. I don’t see this time of my life as a failure but as gaining a lot of insight information. 


Now, in hindsight, I can see where I was not living in alignment with my design, but at the time, I was so focused on the next goal that I did not check in with myself. 

Living this way is not wrong, just not sustainable.


Six months after Human Design found me, I drastically changed my life and made decisions that everyone thought I was going crazy.
I had to go through this journey to discover what was NOT for me. I believe this makes me a better coach. It is much easier for me to identify what might be out of alignment with other people.


Like a true before & after, I want to share how my life changed starting from the moment I made those crazy decisions. Can I?


Part 2 of my entrepreneurial journey will come to your inbox after you download the Human Design Guide. It will be worth it, I guarantee you…


But before I sign off, I want to share with you one exercise that helped me see when I was living out of alignment with my design.

— exercise: your story — 


Step 1

Make a list of your life path and the key moments that shaped you into who you are today. I made a simplified version above in bullet points. 


Step 2

Answer the following questions:

  • What is/was your single greatest struggle/insight/AHA moment from birth to now?
  • Looking at these experiences, what makes you most proud?
  • What are the most important lessons you learned?
  • How can you relate these lessons to your business or ideal client? Then pick ONE thing you think is your superpower and explain why.

Hint: maybe you take it for granted.

Your story can be added to your about webpage, included in your marketing, and publications in media. This is often also ‘ your why’! Why do you do what you do?


I would love to hear your insights from this exercise unicorn.

Feel free to message me on Instagram to share them, or share your insights in the comments below ✨

Is your business aligned with your Human Design?

Do you want to make an impact through your business?


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