Business Alignment Journey

4 months one-on-one coaching journey to align & supercharge your business (& you) 🦄

It is time to openly share your unique gifts with the world
We are ready & waiting just for YOU

And I see you; putting in the work and making sure that you follow all the “success formulas”. 

I see the passion you pour into your business. I see your potential and the lengths you can go to. 

And I see how you’ve been hustling and figuring everything out by yourself.

You feel deep, deep down that this is what you’re meant to do. 

You know that your magic is here to change MANY lives
But really aligning your business with your designed gifts is a whole other skill.

What if I tell you that you don’t have to…

🤔 Hustle, hustle, hustle and work yourself into panic mode

🤔  Do ALL the things to market your business and follow all the tips you see online

🤔 Juggle 5 social media accounts so maybe you get some clients

🤔 Feel overwhelmed when creating a marketing strategy. Where do you even start?

🤔 Get frustrated with yourself because making decisions is hard

Passion and profit without overwhelm IS possible. 

Your key to success? *
🦄 Alignment

* which you hold in your unique design without all the layers of conditioning

In this 1-on-1 Business Alignment coaching and mentoring journey,

I’ll guide you through getting aligned with
the right business and marketing strategies for you

But more than that,

we’ll be diving deep into what really

propels your business forward — YOU.

Marketing your business is NOT a one-size-fits-all kind of situation. 

I’m a personal believer that when you’re aware of your strengths

(and use them to your advantage), that’s when you’ll be able

to really build a business by design.

YOUR design.

Expect to get intensively personalized guidance to help you increase your visibility and magnetism for more clients

I’ll make sure that you achieve a balanced lifestyle, more time + freedom, and create an impactful business by entirely basing this journey on your design, goals, and personality.

✔️ Get action steps that’ll help you reconnect with your vision and mission

✔️ Have an accountability partner who is as invested in your business as you are #celebratingwins

✔️ Gain more confidence in your mission, sales, and marketing so you’ll attract your soul-aligned clients to you

✔️ Have a sounding board to pour out your ideas to (+ you get detailed & aligned advice in return every time!)

✔️ Gain a second set of eyeballs on all your (marketing) efforts and materials

✔️ Grow as a businesswoman and marketer as you get access to all my online courses (created during the time we will be working together)

✔️ Feel so confident in your message and uniqueness that marketing and selling become easy and effortless

Business Alignment Journey

But more than that, I give you the space to tap into and explore your full potential. 

While you get the support you need, you’ll also get the kick in the butt to show up for your business and yourself. 

Together, we’ll carry your vision and see it come to life. 


Business Alignment Journey

Stephanie is like gravity to me. Within a few moments, she can bring me down to earth with both feet and allow me to be grounded in my greatest potential. That is such an incredible skill!

On the other hand, she is like white light to me ✨, the powerful light that attracts and makes me soar to the highest heights. Straight to the top so that I may and can and “must” reach. She has held space for me to grow into my next level and completely shift one of my 3 businesses. And we get to every next step, side by side! Her coaching is so valuable.

Frouke – Frosje | 3/5 Emotional Projector

Power & Positivity coach, B2B Marketeer & Beer For Girls founder

Business Alignment Journey

In the coaching journey with Stephanie, I really felt seen. She is a walking library of business knowledge & strategies and thinks of all possible ways that are best for you at that point in your business. No one size fits all, but tailored to you and where you are now.

Super combination of Human Design and a great business coach! 😍Through her human design reading, I felt really seen in my talents. And also in how I can align my business with my design. As a projector, a lot of standard business advice doesn’t work, I found it super nice to receive useful tips on how I can get myself invited ☺️

Stephanie helped me start my business, I was doing everything for free at the time. After a year I was making a steady 4K turnover per month, I was featured in the media 18 times (Happinez, Flow, …),

I am a happy entrepreneur and have many happy customers.
If you really want to feel seen, and want to start flying as an entrepreneur, Stephanie is your woman! – or unicorn! 🦄

Linde van der Heijden | 1/3 Splenic Projector

Ice baths, self-love, and breath work queen 

What is included in your journey:

4 months of diving deep in your design & your business

During this time, we’ll tap into your personality, human design, flow and mindset and learn how to use them to your business’s advantage. We kick off this journey with a 2-hour audit and Human Design Insights session in order to get the full picture and start working on your growth plan. 

Intensive 1-on-1 sessions

We’ll meet for intensive one-hour sessions to dive deeper into your process. Each of our sessions will depend on what you need in-depth coaching and mentorship on.
Total of 8 one-on-one sessions in 16 weeks (including kick-off session (2h) and ceremonial closure).

Messaging Support

Get direct daily access to me for all your questions, concerns, and wins. Remain seen and guided through your whole journey. 


Access to expert material reviews

Want a marketing expert’s eyes on your sales pages, emails, social media content, workbooks, offers and more? I use my expertise to ensure all work and marketing material is truly magnetic in accordance with your human design and provide feedback to support you in your creation and implementation process outside of calls.

Resources Vault

Get exclusive access to masterclasses, worksheets, prompts & structure. The vault is here to support you outside of our calls on things you feel called to explore. 

Client Portal for Project & Business Management

Stay organized and track progress in real-time via your own client portal. This is where we will map out your goals and action tasks to keep yourself accountable throughout the journey.

Collective Connection Discount

Discounted access to group coaching programs & masterclasses. Learning to co-create together, support others and be seen fully can be a part of your journey. You’ll be invited to special online events  Based on my unique projector perspective we will come together for what is needed for the collective. 


The true investment is your time, effort and energy!
I only work with entrepreneurs ready to show up and look at themselves and their businesses.

This container asks for trust, allowance, and a growth mindset.

The business alignment journey is a 16-week highly 1:1 curated process just for you

The journey starts at €3300

Monthly payment plans are available (4 months or 6 months plans).

During a discovery call, we will see what options work best for you and you get a customized offer.

Want someone who sees your full potential?

a partner who guides you, supports you and holds you accountable

What do you get when you mix a teaching background with a passion for entrepreneurship, a love for personal development (Human Design) and years of experience as a social media consultant?

A business and marketing unicorn who’s really invested in educating and helping entrepreneurs with their personal growth and business strategy, that is! ✨

Nice to e-meet you magical unicorn. My name is Stéphanie Smolders. I’m an online business coach & mentor. But this is just a title, and we are all more than just a box you put yourself in. I’m a left-brain strategist and think in structures but, I’m also intuitive and spiritual. You see,  you get to be yourself and embrace every part of you PLUS be successful. 

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since I was 18, building my own businesses as my side hustle while studying and teaching. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and was taught that you have to hustle and sacrifice yourself. But I’m here to break that cycle, for my family, my community, and YOU! 
Business Alignment Journey

Freedom is one of my core values.

Freedom to truly express your unique self, Freedom to live life on your terms, Freedom to explore and travel.

You see, I’ve also been traveling full-time for the past 5,5 years with my partner and we built a location-independent marketing agency before I fully rebranded to focus solely on coaching and business mentoring. 

As a Human Design aware business guide, I’m here to support you in aligning with your highest self and bringing your magic into the world. I’m a 6/2 self-projected projector which makes me see your blind spots clearly and sense when you are acting from your shadow or conditioned space. I have a defined head, ajna, throat, and identity center so I can break down your amazing ideas into clear action steps.

Combine this with 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur and you’ve got yourself a mentor who really wants to help you & your business grow!

What our time together will look like:

Discovery Call

You can apply for a free discovery call to see if we can create magic together. Every button on this page leads you right there.


In order to create a safe space for you to grow in; I prepare everything. You’ll receive an onboarding welcome kit with all the information, links and details. I see you my one-line profiles!

Currently, the wait time to start this journey is 4 – 6 weeks. So apply for a discovery call when you feel called to reserve your spot.

Kick-Off Session

2-hour session so that we start with a BANG including an audit of your current business & socials, a human design peek and we’ll set goals together.

Regular 1:1 sessions ✨

You determine the pace and what we work on. Some examples of previous clients: planning upcoming launches, strategizing funnels, imposter syndrome, storytelling, productivity, hiring a team, rebranding offers, price setting, refreshing brand foundation, website design, Facebook ads, and more (it all depends on what you want to work on!)

I will give you continuous support in between sessions, and you can (voice) message me anytime.


Before working with Stephanie, I felt lost and had a hate/love relationship with marketing. I wasn’t confident with my offerings, website, and overall social media presence.
While working with Stephanie, she pinpointed my unique gifts and guided me in the marketing world.
My social media visibility increased and learned more about marketing, my way! I created an online festival, sold +70 tickets,
attracted speakers, and switched from Human Design to transformation & manifestation coaching with all my tools such as hypnosis, breathwork, etc. I now feel confident in ALL my skills and attract clients who are ready to pay me for a deep transformation!
Also, I  finally started to have fun with marketing and content creation.

Merisa Gokhan | 5/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator

Manifestation & Hypnosis Coach

Working with Stephanie helped me align with my unique human design. She gave actionable advice based on my generator design, and not some general strategy. This allowed me to intuitively lead myself. She adjusted her way of coaching specifically to me by asking me yes/no questions, not telling me what to do (my two lines would’ve rebelled lol), and seeing me truly (even when I couldn’t see myself). 

I appreciate her know-how and non-emotional/grounded/calm/non-plussed energy. The time we started working together, I didn’t need her to help me with mindset or journaling, we just got to the meat of it coming to the table with both our skill sets. I attracted clients in a fun way and was able to spend more time with my two boys exploring nature. 

Rebecca Joelle | 2/4 Sacral Generator

Quantum Healer & Soul Coach

Stephanie helped me gain clarity on juffencoach and helped me see possibilities. Something I will always remember from our calls: I need to TEACH people that I SELL things. I also gained visibility online with a 300+ follower growth on Insta in just 3 months! Working with Stephanie also helped me in creating a course and get my first clients.

Now I feel more motivated & energetic and see myself more as an ‘entrepreneur’. 

Jasmijn G | 4/6 Sacral Manifesting Generator

Coach for teachers

Your Questions Answered

What is a business coach and who is it for/how can this help me?

A business coach and mentor is someone who offers personalized advice and solutions to whatever business blocks you have. Every business coach/mentor/strategist is different and has another approach.

The benefits of mentoring and coaching go way beyond fixing what needs attention in your business though! When you work with me, I can also help you grow as a person as we find your flow together.

So if you want to take your business from stagnant to aligned and highly-profitable faster, feel free to book a commitment-free Discovery call today. 😊

Do you also provide the coaching in Dutch?

YES! JA! JAHAA (Limburgs)

Everything that is done custom for you 1:1 can be done in Dutch, Flemish (héhé) with my ‘Limburgs’ accent, or English.

I've already worked with a business coach - should I invest in this?

Every coach has a different style and approach to coaching. Not every business coach has a marketing & teaching background or comes with +12 years of experience.

I don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach or that you have to follow a “proven success formula”. Rather, I believe in you & your unique gifts. You felt the entrepreneurial call for a reason!

That same feeling brought you to this page.

As a human design-aware business coach with +12 years of entrepreneurial experience, I focus on you and your unique business. If you are already in your Human Design experiment, please follow your strategy and authority to make the decision to invest in this journey.



What time will the 1:1 sessions be held?

You get access to my calendar and can plan in the sessions on times that fit your schedule. I’m available for sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’m currently based in Spain so the times are between 10 am and 7 pm.

If for some reason these times don’t work for you; we put our calendars together and come up with a solution that works for us both.

What's the process? How will my time with you look like?

Take a look at the timeline that you can find above. After you have gone through the application process we’ll get started with onboarding you to team unicorn.

From there on you schedule your sessions in my calendar and I keep you accountable for your growth steps ;-). You immediately get access to your client dashboard and resources vault.

When I say I’m invested – I mean I REALLY am invested in your growth.

Do you work with clients who don't market in English?

Short answer: yes!

I work on a deeper level than just the language. But for the marketing aspect it is important that I understand what you talk about to your clients.

I speak Dutch and understand French so I have worked with people from all over the world. For your marketing or other audits done by me I can translate most content but this is decided on a case by case application.

English, Dutch & French are all accepted.

What if I don't know what I need?

Just shoot my team an email ( or apply for a FREE discovery call with me here. I’d love to know how I’ll be able to best help you so that you get more clarity on your next steps.

Nobody knows what you need besides you! Check-in with yourself and ask yourself the question: “what would I do if money/time/… was no issue?” Would you invest in a 1:1 coaching program or maybe you need a mastermind? Only you will feel what is necessary for your next steps.

Can I have more sessions?

I like your drive and I’m all for it! Based on your current situation and your desired roadmap we can opt for more 1:1 sessions. Based on our discovery call together I come up with a personalized plan. 

You still get ALL the benefits stated above but more hands-on coaching and support from me. If this is something you desire, make sure to tell me during our discovery call. 

*The investment changes based on what your needs are