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Capacity & Strategy

Business Elevation Session

Do you feel that so much more is possible for you, but you aren’t sure what the next step is?

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, success demands a fusion of conscious strategy and the often-overlooked power of subconscious patterns. 

This session seamlessly blend strategic business consulting adapted to you (& your design) with the transformative realm of subconscious work. 

The aim for a business elevation session is to get clarity on your next sustainable business steps

“Stephanie knew how to find the bottlenecks within myself and in my business”

What if you could...

this is NOT fluff coaching

want to get excited for inspired action?

Strategy is never one-size-fits-all, so you can listen to all the podcasts and buy all the courses. Nothing comes close to sitting with someone and REALLY looking at your business, goals, and personality. 

Say goodbye to stagnation and get ready for elevation. 
Of your business, your offers, your client journey, and evidentially your personal life!

ready to elevate?


How it Works



When you book a date & time in my calendar, you’ll receive an email with the link to a questionnaire.
I often hear that the questions already open new portals and I’ve designed them in a way for you to be prepared for the shifts

Plus it helps me to see you, and your current business even before we hop on the call


Gain clarity

We meet over Zoom for 90 minutes where you get my full projector attention and access to my +13 years of entrepreneurial experience.
You’ll feel deeply seen as we focus on you and your business.
This might be the key to unlocking the business you were always meant to have


aligned action steps

Skip the traditional business coaching fluff AND see what your next aligned action steps are

We pinpoint areas in your marketing, offers, pricing, mindset, routine, and systems (team, automation, …) that you can untangle and improve for a more impactful business.
My projector focus helps you to see what is truly needed right now!



You walk away with clarity on the next strategic steps that work for you AND
how to create more ease, fun, and abundance in every aspect of your life.

No more guessing and procrastinating. You feel in every cell what is next for you and the elevation of your business

+ you can access the session notes and relisten to your session afterwards

Kind words

Besides all the practical tips, I felt my confidence grow and since that session inspiration is bubbling

What's Included?

Value-packed 90-minute video call with me

The session is completely tailored to you and your current situation

You’ll get my undivided laser-focused attention where I see you and your business

Be prepared to walk away inspired, a little overwhelmed, and excited for your next steps

pre and post analysis + recording

Before we even speak you’ve filled in a questionnaire based on that + your online presence I audit your current offers, marketing, and personal situation. I connect the dots with your Human Design and your questions for this session so we can go deep immediately.

After the session, you’ll get the audio recording to re-listen in your own time.

is this for you?

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Still deciding?

This is for you if:

Love notes

anja K

Anja – Singer, Songwriter & Sales Copywriter

I LOVED my deep dive with Stéphanie! Last year I took part in one of her one-off mastermind sessions and I felt an instant click with her energy and approach.

So when I got stuck on where to put my focus on in my business and music, my gut feeling told me she would be the right person to talk to.

The call was exactly what I hoped for, both very deep and practical. I felt seen and understood who I am and what I came here to do. What I love about Stéphanie is that she’s good at holding space for people on a deep level as well as giving very practical (marketing) guidance on how to take action on your vision. That combination is gold!

She helps you to get clear on how to do things in YOUR unique way, and that is a breath of fresh air (especially in this world full of marketing gurus who have the general blueprint for everyone!) Before the call, I was all over the place, now I feel reconnected with my purpose and inspired to bring my soul’s work into the world.  Thank you!

Rachel pure generators

Rachel – creator pure generators

I scheduled a deep dive with Stephanie because I was feeling lost on how to communicate my offerings in a cohesive way and go to the next level with my passive income. She came to our session so prepared and had really taken the time to look at my brand and materials. She has razor-sharp insight that immediately saw so many opportunities I wasn’t even aware of and I left with pages of notes and ideas that I’m already implementing.

I already feel like my website, emails, and communications are more strategic and aligned and I feel so much more relaxed about how I’m marketing my offers. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who feels lost or stagnant in what they are doing because she will be able to see potential where you didn’t even know it existed! 

jasper kudu

Jasper – webdesign agency


I needed a sparring partner to get me on the right track to growing my business, and I came across Stephanie through a connection. I was initially skeptical because most female business coaches focus on the fluffy stuff. But when I heard that she does not explicitly focus on female entrepreneurs and she knows her stuff, I decided to give it a go. She immediately made sure that we had a loose and open conversation. Stephanie knew how to find the bottlenecks within myself and in my business. She made sure that I wanted to work on my own business. She also helped me realize that I had to follow my passion.

She also provided structural tips and gave changes that helped me learn the growth trajectory of my business. I recommend Steph because she doesn’t just give business tips and theory but she is practical in her approach and makes sure you start changing things effectively. She puts you on the right track and makes you change!


Business elevation session

  • coaching questionnaire
  • 90 minutes 1:1 session
  • Audio recording + notes

The FAQ's

The short answer is yes. However, I do recommend you have some foundation in  your business already. This helps me to pinpoint where there are areas for elevation. 

This business elevation session is a deeper session on strategy, capacity, business models, and marketing.

I take your Human Design into account but don’t do a full ‘reading’.
I perform a business audit based on your theme for the session and we come up with an action plan together. This is great if you are stuck, at a crossroad or ready to make an important decision.

The other entrepreneur by design session is all about you and your design.

There are 4 things for you to do before our time together. 

  1. You first select a date and time in my calendar aka booking your session
  2. After that, you get an email with the payment link to secure your booking
  3. In that same email you’ll also find a link to a questionnaire. Fill this in at least a week before your session. 
  4. Take a deep breath and get excited for our session together

Make sure to fill in the questions as soon as possible and fulfill the payment as this makes the booking of this session complete. 

I often hear that even just after the booking the shifts start to happen. So if  you get clarity between booking the session and the time we speak to each other, just email me with the updates.

I invite you to tune into your intuition and human design authority to make a decision. If you don’t know yours or have not experimented with it then this session is definitely for you. 

Emotional authority? See how you feel over the next two days (more excitement is a yes)

Sacral authority? Ask yourself ‘Is this truly what I desire?’ and see if a yes/no comes up.

Splenic authority? Notice your direct instinct when you landed on this page

Lunar authority? Wait 28 days

Mental / self projected authority? Talk about it with a trusted friend

I do not offer free connection calls for this session

I recommend soaking up my  content to get a taste of what it’s like to work with me or message me on Instagram if you have a question.

“So who’s going to see my full potential?”

Hi, I'm stephanie

Hi you!

So glad you landed in my little corner on the internet. I care about creating a space for you where you feel seen and can express yourself freely. 

As a serial entrepreneur myself, I know what it’s like to build my own business while having a lot of other responsibilities. You are so busy with the day-to-day tasks and your clients that slowly you lose your overall view. Heck, you might even feel lost and overwhelmed.

During this session, we zoom out and identify your bottlenecks in business and within yourself. We dive deep into your current challenges and come up with a game plan together.

With my years of experience with (online) businesses, I know what’s needed and what isn’t.

I will advise you based on YOU, no cookie-cutter copy/paste stuff. You are unique and so is your strategy. 

As a Human Design aware business coach & mentor, I make sure to support you on your unique design. As a projector myself I see and identify the real magic my clients aren’t seeing in themselves or their offers/business, and help you clearly express it with your own voice.