If you hate social media and marketing, this interview with Yasmine about conscious marketing is for you!


“Let’s step away from the idea you have to push on pain points to sell your products” – Yasmine Grignard  Conscious Marketing


Yasmine is a former 1:1 client who I supported during her journey. Yasmine is a 2/4 emotional generator.

During our time together, she connected back to her mission and talents and made powerful decisions. She also launched a new offer and got her first client on a new package.


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Conscious marketing
  • How marketing can change an entire culture
  • Do you really need to push on pain points in your marketing?
  • The journey of expressing yourself is the goal
  • Shifting the story you tell yourself about marketing
  • Yasmine’s journey in making aligned business decisions
  • Owning your gifts & talents (especially as a 2-line)
  • The one question every entrepreneur needs to answer when it comes to marketing
  • Supporting impact businesses as an entrepreneur
  • The impact of your environment on an undefined G-center
  • Tips for the Digital nomad lifestyle: boundaries!

 In this episode: 

(2.08) Jasmine’s Marketing twist

(2.58) Conscious vs Unconscious Marketing…

(5.43) First steps to reconnecting to your purpose as a business owner…

(10.06) Conscious marketing is just a tool, it’s part of your brand…

(11.32) Why you need to take responsibility for your business

(13.38) How Jasmine started her journey

(17.20) You don’t always need to delegate everything…

(22.57) When you notice that you’re not connecting with your purpose, reach out to a coach…

(34.56) How a digital nomad manages her business

(39.47) Jasmine’s tip for you



Quotes from Yasmine:

” If companies could make their messages more mindful, and impactful in a good way, I believe they can shape our culture in several ways.”

“At the end of the day, your goal to sell your product is achieved. But is it in a way that will make you and your customer feel good?”

“Let’s step away from the idea of wanting to sell products to everyone. Let’s rather focus on who needs it.”


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