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How can I work with you?

So happy you’re interested! Please email me ( or book a Discovery Call for us to kick off this partnership. 🦄.

What should I learn first about marketing?

What kind of marketing should I do?

This varies depending on the kind of business or industry that you’re in. Others start with social media marketing while others go down the traditional route (brochures, flyers, etc.) I personally believe that online marketing is the future and that it’s best if you focus on that.

However, online marketing is quite broad and full of opportunities. Focus on one thing at a time and that’s why creating a marketing strategy is so important.

To gain more clarity on the kind of marketing your business needs, we can talk it through during the (free) discovery call I offer. Book here if you’d like to learn more!

Do you do live events?

If you’d like to invite me for a presentation in your organization, I’d be happy to provide a training session. Please get in contact with my team to set it up.

Keep a lookout for my Facebook page or emails about in-person events I organize around the world. 

Do I really need a business/marketing coach?

This entirely depends on you. If you want a more unique and organized approach to bringing you and your business to the next level, then it’s worth considering. 

Think about it: What if you make back your investment right after you sign up to work with me? 

Imagine what we could do together if you were held accountable and have someone carrying your vision with you. 

My rule in life: everything I invest in myself and my business comes back to me tenfold #lawofattraction

What if I don’t know what I need?

Just shoot my team an email ( or apply for a discovery call with me here. I’d love to know how I’ll be able to best help you so that together, you’ll get more clarity!

What’s the process? How will my time with you look like?

This depends on what service/product you availed from me. I provided a timeline for each service on their respective pages

If you’re still unsure, apply for a discovery call and we’ll talk about what suits you best. 


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