Entrepreneur By Design Session

What if you could discover how you are uniquely designed as an entrepreneur

✔️ get insights into how you operate best for your business

✔️ find alignment with your gifts and truly embody them in your business (& life)

✔️ stop the confusion and finally understand what your human design chart means

✔️ understand how to market your business from a place of alignment, it feels fun & easy

✔️ get insight into your limiting patterns as an entrepreneur and get tips on how to turn them into unique selling points


You owe it to yourself to go all-in. Let yourself be seen as the unicorn that you are. 

You are here for a reason! 

Let’s discover that together with an ‘Entrepreneur By Design Session’

This is for you if …

You are feeling frustrated with the current level of your business.

You are pushing and pulling on your marketing but you still feel like throwing your phone against the wall.

You are at a crossroads in your business and could use clarity as to which path to take.

You want to:

✨ experience aha-moments, “this is why I do what I do”

✨ feel more confident in your unique set of talents

✨ make decisions that feel good to you & are beneficial for your business

✨ get a ‘permission slip’ to do things differently

✨ have a list of action steps to move closer to alignment and away from resistance

Here is how it works


This is already where the magic happens.
When you book a date & time in my calendar, you receive an email with the link to a questionnaire.
I often hear that the questions already open new portals and I’ve designed them in a way for you to be prepared for the shifts

Plus it helps me to see you before we even hop on the call.


We meet over Zoom for 90 minutes where you get my full projector attention and access to my +12 years of entrepreneurial experience.
You’ll feel deeply seen as we focus on you and your business.
We’ll create a safe environment for you to explore what might be holding you back and discover your unique code.


Skip the traditional business coaching fluff AND basic Human Design readings

We pinpoint areas in your marketing, offers, pricing, mindset, routine, and systems (team, automation, …) that you can untangle and improve for a more impactful business.
My projector focus helps you to see what is truly needed right now!

We’ll explore your untapped potential.


You have moved from “I don’t know how to use this Human Design stuff for my business” to integrated shifts in your being.
You walk away with clarity on your next strategic steps that work for you AND
how to create more ease, fun, and abundance in every aspect of your life.

No more ‘one-size-fits-all’ and yes to being the entrepreneur you were born to be!

“I’ve felt so seen and understood!” 

This is often what I hear after an entrepreneur by design session.

You get my full laser-focused attention on you and that can feel intense.

Here’s the thing though:

I’m very aware of your energy and honor every single client. Everything that I do is custom work plus I’m a projector.
In order to honor us both, I only take on a handful of entrepreneur-by-design sessions each month.

For now, my capacity is 4 sessions/month. Currently, it takes +- 3 weeks before a new slot opens.

This is your invitation to book your session today!

* 75% of clients let me know that they already feel a shift in focus by just signing up for this session. The questionnaire is already some pre-coaching and attunement. 

What can I expect?


In-depth Questionnaire

Needed: birthplace and exact birth hour!
This will help you uncover areas for us to focus on during your session.

This isn’t a traditional Human Design reading. We’ll dive deeper into areas of your business and yourself as an entrepreneur.

I use Human Design as the tool during this session to guide you but I always bring my backpack with experience and expertise (marketing, team management, mindset, …)
The coaching starts here as you’ll reflect on your answers.

You’ll receive the link to the questionnaire after booking your session.

Value-packed 90-minute video call with me


The session is completely tailored to your Human Design and your current questions.

You’ll get my undivided laser-focused attention where I see you and your full potential.

Be prepared to walk away inspired, a little overwhelmed and excited for your next steps.

+15 page manual of yourself & recording

You’ll get access to a manual about yourself. Nothing fancy but easy to use and print out.

Other clients have been messaging me years later that they still use the manual I created for them.

Your Investment?

Entrepreneur By Design Session


excluding VAT/BTW
Other currencies are accepted at checkout. 

What others said about the session ✨

It is bizarre how someone who doesn’t know you can tell you so much about yourself.
I’ve had many aha moments and my head is still spinning after the session.
I feel so much more empowered to go after what I always felt was right for me but you’ve just put it into words.
Thank you for seeing me as I am and guiding me back to my essence.
P.S. time went by too fast, I could’ve easily talked to you for another hour!
Michelle | Automation expert
I have read so many self-development books & done courses but nothing came close to working with Stephanie.
What we have done in 90 minutes is more than 100 hours of study.
I always felt like something was wrong with me. I couldn’t do marketing the way others were teaching but with your guidance, I now see I’m not the ‘black bird’ in a pool of swans. I wasn’t supposed to swim in that lake altogether.
I now feel more confident to show up for my business and team my way!
Thank you for seeing me and challenging me in a way that feels safe.
Jelke | Skin expert & beautician 
I’m so thankful for all the notes I received after our session.
Our time together has helped to clarify a lot of things. I have a much better understanding of myself and the direction I want to move towards.
I really want all my clients to experience this too so I’ll be reaching out many times to Stephanie.
Linda | Energy worker & author 

“So who’s going to see my full potential? “

Meet Stephanie

Business and marketing unicorn who loves guiding entrepreneurs with their own strategy ✨

Hi you!

So glad you landed in my little corner on the internet. I care about creating a space for you where you feel seen and can express yourself freely. That is what I do during an entrepreneur by design session.
Could you use a guide who has a backpack full of marketing knowledge and a decade-long of applied experience?

As a 6/2 projector, I know what it is like to be focused on everything else besides yourself. You have SO much potential and probably many ideas too but where to start? During this time we’ll look at you, and your way of creating the life of your dreams. Your business is the vehicle that can give you freedom, abundance, joy, and fulfillment, … . But you are the driver.

In this session, we take care of the driver (you!) so that you can step back into your vehicle (car, bike, pony, … 🦄) with excitement and focus.

You’ll walk away with a backpack full of tips that are aligned to you and your mechanism.

As a Human Design aware business coach, I make sure to support you on your unique design. As a projector myself I see and identify the real magic my clients aren’t seeing in themselves or their offers/business, and help you clearly express it with your own voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process? How will my time with you look like?

90 minutes of deep conversation where I see you fully. I’ll share my findings in your design based on the areas you want to focus on (based on your answers).

I’ll hold space for you to explore certain aspects of your design and coach you through it.

You first select a date and time in my calendar. After that, you get an email with the payment link and questionnaire.

Make sure to fill in the questions as soon as possible and fulfill the payment as this makes the full booking of this session complete. 

Why do I need my exact birth hour?

Your exact birth hour is important in order for the Human Design chart to be precise.

If you can ask your family for your birth certificate.

In many municipalities, you can request your birth certificate (online). This will show the time of your birth. If this does not work and you were born in a hospital, you can always call the hospital to ask whether they still have records of this.

For a first session, we can work with a 10 – 15 minutes difference but the deeper we zoom into details in your bodygraph, the more important the exact time becomes.

How do I know if this is what I need?

I invite you to tune into your intuition and human design authority to make a decision. If you don’t know yours or have not experimented with it then this session is definitely for you. 

Emotional authority? See how you feel over the next two days (more excitement is a yes
Sacral authority? Ask yourself ‘Is this truly what I desire?’ and see if a yes/no comes up.
Splenic authority? Notice your direct instinct
Lunar authority? Wait 28 days
Mental authority? Soundboard with a trusted friend

What is the difference between a deep dive session and a Entrepreneur by design session?

This entrepreneur by design session is more for you if you are new to Human Design and want to explore it


If you have Human Design knowledge but want to have it applied to your business, personal brand & marketing


A Deep Dive session is a deeper session on strategy, business, and marketing. I take your Human Design into account but don’t do a full ‘reading’.
I perform an audit based on your theme for the session and we come up with an action plan together.
Click here if a deep dive session is more for you. 

Can I book this session when I'm just starting out?

Yes! This session is a great way to help you start your business. It gives you valuable tools as to what to look out for as an entrepreneur and what your strengths are.

Do you offer a discovery call for this session?

I do not offer free discovery calls for The Entrepreneur by Design session.

I recommend soaking up my free content to get a taste of what it’s like to work with me or download the Human Design guide for free.