Being an entrepreneur can be a rollercoaster ride. One day, you’re on a motivated high and ready to conquer the world… then feeling low the next. But pushing through it and really cultivating that entrepreneurial mindset is what will help you thrive. 

In this new episode of the Mission Driven Entrepreneur Show, I share the 7 steps I took to build an online business with purpose. Having been an entrepreneur for years now, I went through multiple processes for me to finally step into my power. 


These are what I learned along the way: 

1. Having an aptitude for doing business – Immerse yourself in your chosen niche and really enjoy it. Having the heart and soul to do it will take you places.  

2. Developing a can-do attitude – Mindset is important and you can develop this along the way. While there are others who were born to be an entrepreneur, choosing this path and committing to do whatever it takes is key to success. 

3. Prioritizing practical application – You can read all the books, attend all the workshops, consult different coaches but at the end of the day, implementing what you learned is what matters. You will jumpstart everything and there is no substitute to hard work. 

4. Acceptance – Learning to accept yourself as you, the whole you and both your strengths and weaknesses, is what will help you grow. 

5. Having awareness  – Be aware of both your environment and your own thoughts before jumping head first. What is happening in your chosen industry? How will your ideas play into everything? 

6. Inviting abundance into your life – Abundance will only come when you’re ready to accept it. There’s a difference between saying that you want success to actually being open to all that it entails. 

7. Practicing gratitude – Being able to appreciate both major and minor milestones is key to building an online business with purpose. Celebrate how far you’ve come with the support who helped you make it this far.  

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In this Episode: 

(1:52) The rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship

(3:13) The 7 steps that helped me discover and cultivate a purposeful business

(5:00) Checking yourself and your mindset before starting your own business

(8:27) The power of implementing what you’ve learned

(11:49) Why no single quality is a strength or weakness in itself

(12:41) Why failing matters

(14:38) How to cultivate awareness of both your thoughts and your surroundings


Episode Snippets:

“I believe you have to do this with heart and soul in order to keep going.”  

“This is not me saying that you are born with an entrepreneurial mindset and that is it. It does help if you have people in your environment who are entrepreneurs, who have their own businesses.” 

“I want you to find fulfillment in your business. I want to help you wake up in the morning excited that this is your life.”

“If you’re not excited about being your own boss then you shouldn’t start your own business.” 

“Believe me. You’ll suck at a LOT of things when you’re starting your business. And that’s part of the process! We’ve all been there.” 

“A positive attitude is something that I’ve seen make or break entrepreneurs.” 

“You can think and dream all day long but you have to do the work.”

“A good business rarely comes from those who are cautious.” 

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