Want to scale your business into a multi-million euro business, this episode is for you!


Celine Charlotte is an award-winning 7-figure entrepreneur and online educator. She started her entrepreneurial journey by renting out her living room as a corporate meeting space before becoming known as the woman who transformed the Dutch online course industry by selling and hosting courses on Instagram.

Fast forward a few years, 18.000 paying students and millions in revenue later, and we end up here where Celine Charlotte is standing on the edge of new ventures and adventures that have taken her around the globe from the Netherlands to the United States.


In this episode, we talk about…

  • Human Design, marketing tips & Celine’s idea of success!
  • How Celine energetically launches courses as a projector
  • Making the selling process fun for people to watch
  • How Celine takes others through her selling journey
  • What a good leader is (5/1 profile)
  • How Celine scaled her business to 3.5 million euros in just a few years

 In this episode: 


(4:34) How Human Design is just ONE of the tools in discovering more about yourself

(6:25) Energy management with launching and hosting courses for +10000 people

(8:15) Feeling invited in marketing, sales & course creation

(12:59) The 5 line profile struggles with followers projecting their ideas of who you are and what you’re supposed to like and what you’re supposed to do

(14:30) Leadership & Team management

(19:45) The research phase of a 1 line profile

(22:00) Projector Signature: success & what it means to her



Quotes from Celine :


I believe in letting your authenticity shine during the selling process. So people start to see you more as a friend instead of this group person.

I think the simplest form of success for me is just when I go to bed in the evening, and I feel happy about today. And when I wake up and look forward to the day, I think that is when I feel most successful.”

” It is crucial to choose your mentors carefully, especially when you start with entrepreneurship and growing your business.”

” If I can go to bed and feel happy about today. That is for me, success.”


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