Reflectors, this episode is for you! Or if you’re interested in human design and reflectors because there isn’t a lot of direct information about this type.


In this interview, I talk with Joyce Celine, a reflector, and she shares her honest feedback on how it is to find your identity in business.
We also talk about what it’s really like to use lunar authority and balance work and life.

Plus a little bit about her vision around reflectors in this society.


In this episode, we talk about…

  • What a Reflector is, explained by a real-life reflector
  • How Joyce embraced being a Reflector even in business
  • The importance of being an aware Reflector
  • Tracking and checking your Moon Cycle and its effect on both life and business
  • Transitioning from a 3-line to a 6-line (profile)
  • How a reflector, being a non-energy type, balances work, family, and all the other things that come with life
  • Accepting help
  • Joyce’s view of an ideal society

 In this episode: 


(2.11) What is a Reflector?

(4.52) The process of discovering Human Design

(7.41) How Joyce’s business has changed since discovering she is a Reflector…

(11.24) How you still can be yourself in business as a reflector…

(14.53) How Joyce tracks her moon cycle and works with her lunar authority

(22.46) What is it like to balance work & life? Is it realistic (honest answer!)

(26.43) Vision for reflectors in society…

(31.47) Advice on how a non-reflector can support a reflector… 



Quotes from Joyce :


” I really think that reflectors should be taken care of if we want to do it right for our own energy.”

“I think as a reflector, you can’t change the environment. You have to pick the environment that will work for you and also be around people that know you and see you for what you do. Yeah, I think that’s the only change we can make.”


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