Ready to cultivate a highly-profitable business that aligns with your flow & personality?

Everyone thinks that being an online entrepreneur means having a glamorous lifestyle and that sweet, sweet freedom.

In reality, though, I used to struggle not having the freedom and support I so desperately wanted.

I didn’t have the guidance to know if what I was doing was actually right for me

So I tried a lot of marketing tips, tricks, and hacks I found online—even when I didn’t feel like doing some of them at all! I’ve wasted money, energy, and tears. I hit a very low point while making $30k months and living the “dream life”.

I told myself from that day on that I’m going to do things my way. That’s when the magic (more clients & flow ✨) happened. 

Does this story sound familiar?

I see you! You don’t have to do this alone…

👇🏼 Do you identify? 👇🏼


You have been in business for a few years and hit a plateau…

You are unsure about your next steps and you are looking for clarity and guidance.


You have a big idea for a business but are overwhelmed with how to get started.

What, where, how? And I need to do marketing?

Overwhelm all day, every day!


You are running your business just like all the guru’s told you.

But you don’t feel aligned and in flow.

You know deep down it can be different.

Hi, I’m Stephanie Smolders!

Online business coach & Marketing mentor

I’ve made it my mission to go beyond your current business strategy and to dive deep into what YOU need as an entrepreneur. I don’t do blueprints because you deserve a custom approach!

I am an online business coach and marketing strategist who’s passionate about guiding driven entrepreneurs to their mission in order to scale their business with an aligned foundation and marketing strategy that works for them.

I’m a firm believer that when you don’t feel aligned with how you do things, it affects your business.  

That’s why I always make it a point to encourage you to do business YOUR way.

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What makes my coaching style different?

Unlike other coaches and mentors who just focus on what your business needs, I also dive deep into what YOU need as an individual. 

My style is a mix between coaching, consulting and mentoring:

I make it a point to see you and help you gain confidence + clarity in your next moves.

I also help you to understand yourself clearly with a combination of personal development, mindset, and human design. 

I’ll be there through celebrations and rants,
and ultimately become your biz bestie even once our partnership is over.

I help you get SUPER clear on your mission and start doing business
YOUR way by using your strengths to your advantage.

I talk you through what you need, give you advice,
and draw from my own personal experience to show you what I’ve done for myself and previous clients. 

How I Can Help You

12 Week 1:1 Aligned Business Coaching

You don’t have to be a hamster running yourself to a burnout in your wheel to achieve success. In this 1-on-1 coaching journey, I’ll help you align your marketing vision and business foundations by discovering the business action steps that best suit your human design, personality, and flow!

Deep Dive Session

Feel like your marketing and business have the potential to achieve more but don’t really know what’s missing? 

In just 90 minutes, we’ll go through all the marketing you’ve done so far, unblock limiting beliefs that may be stopping you, and create a personalized action plan to a more profitable business. 

ONLY 4 slots available per month

Marketing Strategy Mastery Program

Go from marketing newbie to marketing extraordinaire with this intensive business and marketing program! The best part is you’re going through all four modules with like-minded entrepreneurs and constantly gain feedback from me in a private community. 

MSM program only opens 2 times per year.

Courses & Resources

Explore all my courses, ebooks, masterclasses, and downloadables. Double down on THE content for every business owner. 


  • Build A Brand Course
  • Facebook Ads masterclass
  • Content Calendars

With my coaching,

I take into account your …


Mission & Vision

Struggles and limiting beliefs

Business & Personal goals


Human Design


…because all these play a part in how you design and market your business! 

Once all the core foundations are laid down, I help you determine the strategies that bring out the best of your business and say bye to the ones that will only leave you burnt out and penniless 💸


Client Testimonials

The course I did with Stephanie was absolutely amazing. You deserve all the credits! I learned so much… and still have a scribbled handwritten list about what to post shoved under my laptop to refer to … which all came from you. Anyone who wonders about the value of investing in your training, send them to me, I’d recommend you 1000%! 

Becky D.

Creative Etsy Shop Owner

Hé Stephanie,
I want to thank you because I followed your tips for Instagram captions and I got my first coachee!!!


Life Coach

Stephanie is so professional, knows her work and on top of that – extremely kind and available to whatever question I’ve had for her all the time. I love working with her and will do so in the future. 

Shani S.

Yoga Teacher - Influencer - Photographer


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