How A Health Coach Increased Her Business’ Revenue by 350%

Case Study: Essentially Morgan

Business Owner(s): Morgan Sachs

About the Business

Essentially Morgan is owned by Morgan Sachs, a health coach specializing in aiding those with autoimmune disease conditions. She walks people through customizing the right wellness routine, eating habits, and lifestyle changes so that they will have a guided path for their healing journey. Business Revenue


Before Morgan became an intuitive health coach, she was mainly focused on selling dōTERRA essential oils. Her goal was to reach the Silver rank and to start working for only four days a week for four hours a day. 

Morgan hired Stephanie to set up the right systems and to find the best sales structure for her business.      

“Prior to working with Stephanie, I was unclear on my unique message and offer. I was focused on doing doTERRA correctly and wasn’t bringing my full self and wisdom to the table.”

She was also stuck in the belief that the only way for her to become successful was to have a huge following on Instagram. 

Discovering Morgan’s Potential:

Here are some of the action steps Stephanie guided Morgan through: 

  • Creative direction and editing of the opt-in e-books
  • Assisted in developing her website
  • Designing her email funnel and creative direction on the copywriting
  • Provided in-depth and practical advice on Morgan’s sales systems 
  • Guided through discovering her unique message and brand advantage 
  • Offered access to the Marketing Strategy Mastery, where Morgan was able to delve deeper into how to market her business

Other things Stephanie helped with: 

  • Reevaluating her long-term vision so she was finally ready to step in her true purpose
  • Getting clear on her ideal clients
  • Mindset shift around marketing 
  • Embracing the way to do marketing as a projector (human design)


  • Went from selling dōTERRA essential oils to offering health coaching
  • Successful and seamless launch of e-book
  • Website created and launched
  • Increased revenue by 350%
  • Gained an engaged 156 followers on Instagram
  • Email list growth from 0 to 440 subscribers
  • Finally feels aligned with what she offers and her social media marketing approach
  • Boosted online presence after being invited to talk on The Grounded Parent podcast
  • Was able to achieve her initial goal of hitting the Silver rank in dōTERRA
  • On the road to releasing webinars and an online course

“I am now doing the work I have really wanted to be doing since 2013 but was afraid to put myself out there in that way (this is HUGE!). I am able to work on my business while being a stay at home mom. I don’t have to pick one or the other (mom or business owner). 

The income that has been added to our family budget is helping us create financial freedom! … I truly feel like I am now living the life I have always dreamed of. Doing work that I love, being seen for my gifts/wisdom and spending quality time with my family.”

– Morgan S.

What was it like working with Stephanie? 

“Stephanie is able to see and draw out the uniqueness of each of her clients and help them bring that forth into the world so that others will benefit from it. She is kind, compassionate and extremely smart. 

She has amazing ideas. Every time we met I would come away with wonderful ideas to start practicing and something new to create. Everything we worked on had a foundation of authenticity—what did I want? How did I want to do it? What lit me up? What could I leave behind?”

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