Case Study: Silkfairy 

Business Owner(s): Adeline and Adalia Chin

About the Business

Silkfairy is an e-commerce business based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that sells luxury silk products. Their most popular products are their silk pillowcases and silk hair scrunchies. Founders and sisters Adeline and Adalia Chin started the business after they personally experienced the skin, hair, and sleep benefits of silk. 

This bloomed into their goal of giving the gift of a great night’s rest to the ladies of Malaysia and Singapore with their best-selling silk pillowcases. 


While there was a vision, both sisters had no prior knowledge and experience in the digital space. 


“It was our first time running a business—an e-commerce business to be specific—and we have no idea how to start at all.”



Both were new to paid ads, content creation, and on how to interact + entice organic online followers and turn them into loyal customers.  


Proposed Solution & Implementation


Adeline and Adalia hired Stephanie to help with setting up their digital marketing before their launch in September 2019. The marketing platforms they used were Instagram and Facebook.

Here are some of the action steps Stephanie gave the sisters: 


  • Get clear on their brand mission and message
  • Build content around the business’ pillars and values
  • Use a content calendar to plan their social media marketing schedule 
  • Set up a professional photo shoot for the products and the founders so they could create a story around the launch 

Other things Stephanie helped with: 


  • Develop the branding for Silkfairy (logo, tone of voice, packaging, …)
  • Creation and optimization of the Shopify website 
  • Supervised the copywriting and idea generation of the Shopify website and launch posts
  • Market & competitor analysis and price setting
  • Held in-person idea brainstorming sessions for their online content
  • Conducted a Facebook Ads training to help the sisters further grow their knowledge and grasp of digital marketing
  • Setting up influencer marketing in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Gave mindset and productivity tips to help improve the overall flow and structure of their business.
  • Grow the product line with their customers in mind


  •  Gained 1300+ organic followers just 6 months into the business
  • Had a successful soft launch in September 2019
  • Had a successful 11/11 campaign
    • Silkfairy’s stocks were sold out
    • Gained 5 times the revenue compared to the previous 2 months 
  • Doubled their sales (compared to Sept, Oct, Dec 2019) 2 months into 2020
  • New product (Scrunchies) launched in Jan 2020 and sold out in Feb 2020
  • Confident in their individual strengths and using them to support each other

What was it like working with Stephanie? 


Inspiring of course! Always full of creative ideas. 

Encouraging. I always doubt that I’m not doing well enough but Steph always assures me that I’m doing ok. 

Very approachable and a very good friend to treasure! (She’s also) kind and always helpful!

You are awesome Steph! Keep doing you and changing lives 🙂

– Adeline Chin, Silkfairy founder



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