How to Create an Instagram Bio that Converts

Instagram may seem like a social media platform you can push and promote your offers but the thing is, it takes some strategy and creativity to actually reach your people. Good content and graphics won’t do much if your profile won’t capture your audience’s attention. Instagram bio.

And that’s exactly the reason why your Instagram bio is crucial to your social media marketing success. 

You don’t need to be intimidated though! That’s why I created this list with three easy tips on how to create an Instagram bio that converts:



Take advantage of SEO real estate on Instagram


This is a hidden Instagram feature that no one is really talking about but you’ve probably noticed others doing. 

Utilize Instagram’s secret SEO 🤫: Your bio name is searchable. 

Yep that is right. Everything you type here will link to your handle. 


Let’s break it down:


My Instagram HANDLE is @stephanie.smolders

My Instagram BIO NAME is Stephanie ~ Business Coach


You want to keep this bio keyword broad. Some examples you could use (depending on your niche) would be: Coach, Health Coach, Human Design, Relationship Coach, Nutritionist, Intuitive Medium, Marketing, etc, etc. 

Ask yourself this: What term would your ideal clients type into Instagram? 

The more niche it is, the fewer people would be using those terms to search = the less likely you’re going to pop up on the search results of new potential followers. 

Make sure to still put your first name there since when people are DM-ing you, this is the only thing they see from you. You want people to know your name right? So put your first name + SEO term. 

Instagram only allows you to change this name twice every two weeks so simmer on it before making the switch!




Get straight to the point with your mission in your bio text


I tell every single one of my 1:1 clients this during their onboarding audit and I’m going to tell you: Your bio needs to be crystal clear on what you do and how you do it.

Why? Because your client should not go searching through your feed to find out what exactly it is you do. They could be your IDEAL CLIENT and benefit so deeply from working with you but they have no idea what it is you do and so they bounce.

Take me as an example again. My bio states: 


✨ Teaching you to own your 🦄 uniqueness & mission with personal biz strategy


This shows you I teach owning your gifts and mission and using it to create a personal business strategy. 

Most bios show you what people do but now HOW. Share with people what you do and how you do it. What makes you unique? 

You are not for everyone, but if you want to cultivate a community full of your ideal clients, it’s vital that you just focus on speaking directly to them. People who are not into unicorns or personality will not vibe with me. They know that immediately when they land on my Instagram. 



How can they work with you? Add a CTA!


Say someone just landed on your amazing Instagram profile and they are vibing with you. Now what? They might want to listen to your podcast or research your offers. Where do you send them? 

Make sure your CTA is clear and actually tells them what to expect when they click on your link. Even if you have created a special page with multiple links make sure you tell them something specific. Switch up your CTA often to keep it fresh. 

Please, don’t use LinkTree!

Create a webpage on your own website with multiple buttons to other resources if that is what you want. This way, you’ll capture the audience on your OWN website rather than a third-party website. 

Head over to your Instagram and see what adjustments you can make to help your ideal clients find you AND how they’ll stick around. People make the decision to follow you in just a few seconds. Make it worth their while. 




Add a fun fact in your bio text

Now, this isn’t really required BUT it helps establish a better connection with readers.

Here’s what I added in my own profile:  

🌎 Nomad Projector

Nomad projector might not mean much to others but the people that I do align with—those who are curious about Human Design or loves to travel—will notice. 

Take note that it can be something related to business or just something you’re passionate about. I’ve personally merged Human Design with some of my service offerings and with this one statement can help me attract more entrepreneurs who are also looking to make the most out of their Human Design type in their business. 

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important to try and use every space you can find. Make sure to invest time to process and write the kind of first impression you’d like to leave Instagram prospects. 

Have any questions popping up after reading these tips? Send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll be happy to help you out. I sometimes offer Instagram audits on stories so make sure to stick around. 



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