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You are unique and just magnificent 🦄. And your business should reflect that. This guide helps you make a start by aligning your business with your Human Design. It comes with affirmations and an exercise created for you.

You know about Human Design but are still not sure how to implement it in it both your business and life?

The best starting point? Diving deeper into this guide to building your business by design.

What’s Inside?

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Intro to Human Design

Completely new to Human Design? This guide starts with the basics so that you can read your chart and get started with this guide.


Printable Affirmations List

Use these reminders for aligning your business with your design. There is a unique code that helps you design your business. These affirmations help to connect to that code.


Key exercise for your energy type

Get direct insights in what isn’t aligned with your design right now. I give these exercises to my 1:1 clients and you’ll be able to get one step closer to aligning with your Human Design in Business.

Hi Unicorn,

My name is Stephanie

I’m a 6/2 self-projected projector and boy did my life change when I really aligned with my Human Design. I’m a business and marketing coach/mentor with a mission to support entrepreneurs on aligning with their unique essence. Let’s leave burn-out ville and travel to success on your own terms island.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since I was 18, building my own businesses as my side hustle while studying and teaching. With my left angle cross of education, I love sharing my wisdom and this Human Design guide is the result of that.

I know how overwhelming the Human Design rabbit hole can become. This is a simple guide I created for you to start trusting your inner wisdom.

I see you ✨

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