The world might feel unsafe right now and like you have no control. You are watching the news and following developments closely. We all feel that the energy changed in the world. This loving-kindness meditation helps me when I feel anxiety creep in especially when there is a lot happening in the world.

For the next 10 minutes, I will be a space keeper for everything that you feel. You are safe here. All your emotions are safe here. Your body and mind can relax here. It is okay if you cannot finish the meditation. It is okay if you still have unsafe feelings and thoughts.


This meditation is not only for you, we are doing this for the world. We are doing this together. You are not alone.


Spread kindness and light today.
Share this meditation with someone who might benefit from it.

This is also an invitation to connect with me on Instagram (@stephanie.smolders) if you want to share your experience. Thank you for your energy and light my dear one.


I would love to hear your insights from this exercise unicorn.

Feel free to message me on Instagram to share them, or share your insights in the comments below ✨

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