You’re destined for overflow

Let’s unlock that door

It is time to live abundantly

I am holding space for you in this magical experiment 🦄


We've started but you can still join








I’m inviting you to show up for your vision

What is it that you truly desire? 

For 30 days we are creating the MMM portal together! 

Peeling off the layers of ickiness around sales & money

Embracing the potential of you and your business

Identifying strategies that work for you to live a life full of abundance

I am holding space for you:


Magnetic 💸 Money 💸 May


is a 30-day live intuitive experiment focussing on

✨ attracting money and overflow in all areas of your life

✨ enriching your mindset

✨ discovering marketing & sales strategies that work for you

✨ learning more about Human Design and spirituality

This is for you if:

You are intuitive, open-minded, and willing to explore what abundance means to you

You feel you are destined for an upgrade in every aspect of your life. You want to feel inspired by your own growth instead of that of others!

You are into magic, attraction marketing, Human Design, energy tools, and motivating vibes

You want to experience a heightened sense of confidence and creativity in your business with a focus on becoming magnetic

You are done taking sales advice from others and not accessing & trusting your own inner wisdom

You are done with no focus and the feeling of being stuck (glass ceiling anyone?)

You are overwhelmed, overworked and feel you are undervalued (by yourself and others)

You want to move past any stickiness and resistance against money, abundance and being paid for your genius

Magnetic Money May

The mission with MMM

A 30-day experiment for creating an abundant life


Followers and views don’t pay the bills.

But showing up full of integrity, with the best intentions, and out of pure passion does help you become more magnetic.

And my mission with MMM is to put money in the hands of women (& men) who care, who create a ripple effect, that crave new ways of doing business

I want you to be open to receiving massive opportunities, soul clients, creative partnerships, love, …

I want you to be seen and appreciated for who you are AND paid royally for it!

There’s something magical that happens when you have a clear focus, a group dynamic, and a safe space to explore

You find a rhythm, you build confidence, and you rise up to the challenge!

There are many reasons why I’m hosting MMM right here, right now. 

There is a big SHIFT happening in the world. Old systems are falling apart and you are on this page because you are a part of the transcension, the new wave;

The aligned leaders of the world


Magnetic Money May

You have a role in this universal transformation. 

You are here to live an abundant life, in every aspect (love, friends, business, time, …)

Money is meant to be in your hands! 

What’s in it for me?

✨ 30 magical days to experiment with magnetism, abundance, and what you believe about money

LIVE: 1 May 2023 – 31 May 2023 (access for 2 months)

Increasing your magnetism from within with prompts, experiments & shifts

Daily live audio messages and exercises on a private Telegram channel

Practical + spiritual practices. This combination brings the magic that is in you back to this world and activates your magnetism

Collective energy and 🦄 unicorn friends. You will feel seen, supported and part of something bigger!

Weekly experiments with a focus on sales & marketing where you unlock surprise giveaways for your active participation and impressive results

⚒️ Technical Bla Bla  ⚒️

Daily live audio messages from Stephanie on a private Telegram channel (like Whatsapp) with clear guidelines to create easy access without the overwhelm and distraction

2 months access to the Telegram group and all the content (End of June 2023)

Weekly email with a recap of the exercises, journal prompts and insights

Access to a complimentary workbook to guide your days

Experiments that unlock special giveaways & bonuses by participation and/or results (1:1 SEEN reading, R&R workshop, Q&A, Masterclass, … total value +€350)



(ex VAT)

I am holding space for you

1 May 2023 – 31 May 2023

For just €1.06/day you get direct live guidance focused on your magnetic abundance

This magical experiment requires you to be:

💕 Open to shifts and guidance
💕 Daily 15 mins – 45 mins of your time on yourself & your business
💕 Give yourself space to receive (opportunities, money, guidance, support, friendship, …)

Some topics we’ll explore:

Your Heart’s desires & Ego Center (HD)
Deeply feeling what it is that you desire & the connection between your ego (heart) center in Human Design

Identity upgrade & G-center (HD)
Exploring who you are destined to be

Giving & Receiving
Yin & Yang of money (and the connection between time/energy)

Magnetic Marketing
In order to be a magnet for clients, what is your true message?

Stephanie here!

You are here because you are a part of the new wave of aligned entrepreneurs.

What does that mean? You are tuned in, tapped in, and turned on. You have always felt you are here to do big things. I can feel it too.

It has been my mission for +5 years to guide entrepreneurs like you to step into their unicorn power and create a ripple effect in the world
The more you sparkle, the more you give others permission to show their full colors too!

There are two waves of people in the online world: the strategists who firmly preach it’s all about building the perfect funnel with a sprinkle of hustle and the manifestation gurus who believe it is all about energy.

I felt I never belonged in either of those camps. Solo summer camp for me 😅

During a picnic with Biz sisters, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am meant to be a bridge builder for those two groups. I am meant to share the spiritual practices AND the strategy. I am meant to be the midwife for your soul to create a business in this realm so that you can thrive and be financially supported to experience ALL the things.

This is the first time I’ll be combining my 12 years of strategic entrepreneurial experience WITH a lifetime of spirituality (my mom is a tarot & energy reader)

It is totally up to you to feel if you want to join MMM, and if not also totally fine. But know that I trust you to attract all that you desire!

Inhale & exhale, feel your authority. I look forward to welcoming you in MMM and having a magnetic time with you!

This blurb is brought to you by visualizations, tarot readings & a wish to put money in the hands of people that I love

Your Questions Answered

Do I have to be live and online during MMM?

No, you don’t have to show up somewhere. I will share daily audio messages (short) at different times in our Telegram channels.
I’m following my own intuition to record the audio of that day. You don’t have to listen in chronological order (I see you Manifesting Generators) and learn to trust that what is meant for you will find its way.
You can tune in to our group whenever you feel called.

I do recommend setting aside 15 minutes per day to complete the daily activities that will be explained before we start our experiment together.


You’ll also receive a weekly email with a recap of that week and an invite to complete that week’s experiment.

How much time does this experiment take per day because I'm busy

How much energy and time do you invest in yourself versus spending it on others?

How do you want to feel?

Connected to yourself, confident, grounded, and open to receive, OR pleasing others and exhausted?

The daily lessons, insights & exercises will be between 10 and 25 minutes. You can listen at your own convenience. 

The exercises are up to you. It can be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.
I will give you journal prompts, a visualization, a marketing idea, a sales experiment etc

Trust that even if you can do it one day, it is exactly what you and your soul needed!

Can I join if I don't have a business (yet)?

Yes, but know that we’ll explore magnetic marketing, sales strategies and client attraction. 50% will be personal (mindset, spiritual, HD) and 50% strategies (marketing, sales, energetics).

Where is the program hosted?

This 30-day experiment will take place on Telegram. This is a messaging app like Whatsapp. We host it here because there is no distraction like on Instagram (scrolling mindless and forgetting why you opened the app in the first place anyone? just me? :D) It is also separate from all your other friends chats so your brain can focus!

You can download Telegram on your phone and desktop which makes it easy to listen in whenever, wherever.
You’ll get the channel link in your email after signing up. Private channels are closed societies and only those who signed up to MMM can join and see the messages.

Your comments and messages are only visible to the people in this collective.
Everything technical will be explained in the welcome booklet.
If you have questions regarding Telegram please email me

Do I need to know a lot about Human Design/Spirituality?

No, not really. It is helpful to have run your Human Design chart which will be explained in the welcome ebook. We will go into some topics that are related to Human Design such as the centers, your type, etc but you can easily join MMM without any previous knowledge. 

Plus you can always ask questions in the Telegram channel and I might open up a Q&A session :’) 

I'm interested but I don't understand what this is going to be about ...

I know the sales page doesn’t tell you exactly what we are going to do. I do this on purpose because I want you to be open to the process. 

Surprise yourself and come see. If it is nothing for you, just message me and I’ll pay you back – no questions asked. Trust that you are guided here for a reason!

I'm in doubt...

When you have scrolled all the way down here and you are not sure, sleep on it. Talk to a friend about it or message me with your doubts.

Only join if you feel moved to do so – tune into your own authority and trust yourself with your decision.