Episode #1: Introducing the Mission-Driven Entrepreneur Podcast


What is a mission-driven entrepreneur? Nowadays, anyone can start their own business but it takes alignment, passion, and commitment to become a driven leader.

One way to know how? Is when you can feel deep down that you’re more than willing to step up. You don’t need to be there completely but you are taking steps on your journey. You are willing to do the work and embrace your true purpose and potential.

My own journey to stepping into my power. As a child, I was always playing teacher and student with my neighbor and I knew then that I had something to give to others. Later on, I had the opportunity to work at events, build a network and try a lot of things as a teenager and young adult.

I always felt there was something inside of me that needed to see the light but I was afraid to go all out. Little by little, I stepped out of my comfort zone and became a partner of an events company in Belgium. This is what sparked my interest in developing my inner leader so I could step up as the leader I was meant to be.

I’ve tried many side hustles, failing at some and losing interest in others. And that’s okay. One thing I learned is that it’s alright to not know exactly what your purpose is. Enjoy the journey.

All these led to me starting the podcast. I wanted to give a voice to other driven entrepreneurs who are ready to step into the light and share their mission.

Learn more about this topic by listening to the first-ever Mission-Driven Entrepreneur podcast episode!


In this Episode: 

(1:30) Why I started this podcast and who it is for

 (3:25) What makes you a mission-driven entrepreneur? What makes you a driven leader? 

 (4:36) My journey toward becoming a mission-driven entrepreneur 

 (7:58) All my previous side hustles and why it’s okay to not know exactly what your purpose is 

 (9:37) 3 things to know about me (and I also want to get to know you! Tag me @stephanie.smolders on Instagram and tell me 3 things people might not know about you.)  

 (14:31) What to do when you feel that you were meant to live a different life 



Episode Snippets: 

“You don’t need to be completely there. You don’t need to have it all figured out. You don’t need to know all the steps that are part of your journey. You just need to take that first step, you’re willing to do the work and embrace your true purpose and potential.” 

“If you feel the freedom calling, if you feel deep down inside you that you were meant to live a different life, take the leap and go.”

“Give yourself permission to own your power.”

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