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The Stephanie Smolders Show is here to open you up to new possibilities, thoughts and business ideas. Through alignment, Human Design and personal stories Stephanie guides you to discover your unicorn power.

Let’s build a business that has impact, creates more freedom all while increasing your income! This is a safe space where you can explore how to achieve a successful business strategy YOUR way.



Episode #22: Conscious Marketing with Yasmine Grignard

Episode #22: Conscious Marketing with Yasmine Grignard

If you hate social media and marketing, this interview with Yasmine about conscious marketing is for you!   “Let’s step away from the idea you have to push on pain points to sell your products” - Yasmine Grignard  Conscious Marketing   Yasmine is a former...

Episode #21: Taking a vacation as an entrepreneur

Episode #21: Taking a vacation as an entrepreneur

Feeling unmotived, lose concentration, and are you questioning 'why you started your own business?'?  It is definitely time to take a vacation my dear entrepreneurial unicorn!   In the past few weeks, I've had a few 1:1 clients feel very stressed around vacation...

Episode #20: Loving Kindness Meditation

Episode #20: Loving Kindness Meditation

The world might feel unsafe right now and like you have no control. You are watching the news and following developments closely. We all feel that the energy changed in the world. This loving-kindness meditation helps me when I feel anxiety creep in especially when...

About Stephanie Smolders

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I’m a business and marketing unicorn who’s really invested in educating and helping entreprepreneurs with their personal growth and aligning their business strategies.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since I was 18 years old, building my own businesses as my side hustle while studying and teaching. I’ve also been traveling full-time for the past 4 years with my partner and we built a location-independent marketing agency before I fully rebranded to focus solely on 1-on-1 coaching and business mentoring. 

I’m here to see you through your lows and cheer you on through your highs. Read my full story if you’d like to get to know me and get a sense of what my coaching style is like.