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Introducing the Stephanie Smolders Show

Opening you up to new possibilities, thoughts, and business strategies

Through alignment, Human Design, and personal stories Stephanie guides you to discover your unicorn power

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I’m Stephanie Smolders, your host and a self-projected projector, and I’m thrilled to embark on this incredible podcast journey with you.

With the channel 13-33 a podcast makes so much sense.
I love collecting captivating stories of trailblazing entrepreneurs coming from every corner of the globe. Beyond the polished online personas, we connect heart-to-heart, unearthing the real and raw journeys that have shaped these remarkable individuals.

But that’s not all. This podcast is not only about our esteemed guests; it’s also about personal reflections, taking deep dives into topics that resonate with me, and engaging in thought-provoking talks. It’s all about fostering a space for growth, learning, and meaningful connections

If you’re as passionate about storytelling and entrepreneurship as I am, I’d be delighted to join forces on your own podcast or hear your remarkable story. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at info@stephaniesmolders.com.

Let’s inspire and uplift others together! 

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