47,00 Price excluding VAT

Experience feeling SEEN

Get my projector eyes and vision on your current question, challenge or desire.

SEEN is an audio experience designed specifically for those who find it hard to identify their own blocks and solutions (energetic, strategic or embodiment)



Do you struggle with self-doubt and uncertainty, unable to pinpoint the exact reason why you’re not achieving the success you know you’re capable of?
If so, SEEN can help you get clarity and give you something to respond to (hello sacral beings! although this is a great first step for movement for every design type) 

“You hit the nail on the head! Thank you for seeing my full potential!” is the feedback I get the most after a SEEN reading!

With +12 years of entrepreneurial experience, I can easily see your strategy blocks
Combine that with Human Design & intuition and you get a warm bath that guides you toward your next steps

I understand that as a busy entrepreneur, you don’t have time to waste and don’t always need a full deep dive session.
That’s why this service is designed to be fast, convenient, and affordable.

For just €47, you’ll receive a detailed audio response within 5 working days after filling in the questionnaire, giving you the insights you need to take your business/life to the next level.


  • Purchase a SEEN reading
  • Receive the email with the link to a questionnaire (for your Human Design, question & any additional info) – check spam
  • From the moment I receive your answers, I tune into your business, you, your Human Design & my intuition ✨
  • Within 5 working days (M-F, after the questionnaire) you get an email with your SEEN audio reading including journal prompt, action steps, and strategic advice
  • What you do with it, is totally up to you

I truly believe that every entrepreneur has the potential to achieve great things (whatever that looks like for you).
Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective and the right guidance. I’m here when you could use a second set of eyes and ears.