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The Business Instagram Checklist

You’ve set up Instagram for your business. You’ve created A LOT OF CONTENT and posted…

Then crickets 🦗 

Something is missing and after years of doing Instagram audits, I’m bringing you this: The Ultimate Business Instagram Checklist to optimize your account to attract more leads & get clients!


What’s inside?

✅ Set up a Business account that your ideal audience can easily discover

✅  Create content that best fits your voice and your dream client’s taste

✅  Start setting yourself up for Instagram Ads success!


Business Toolkit

I wouldn’t have been able to run my business without these tools 😭 Here you’ll find my favorite books, productivity and project management systems, sales funnel and page builders, and more!


Weekly marketing and business tips and insights, coupled with a few raves and personal roundups 💖

How to Create an Instagram Bio that Converts

How to Create an Instagram Bio that Converts

Instagram may seem like a social media platform you can push and promote your offers but the thing is, it takes some strategy and creativity to actually reach your people. Good content and graphics won’t do much if your profile won’t capture your audience’s...

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