Feeling unmotived, lose concentration, and are you questioning ‘why you started your own business?’?  It is definitely time to take a vacation my dear entrepreneurial unicorn!


In the past few weeks, I’ve had a few 1:1 clients feel very stressed around vacation season. You know, that time of year everyone is taking a break.


You booked a vacation but the two weeks before you leave feeling like you’ll never finish everything on your to-do list? Are you stressed about the loss of income, connection with your audience, or how you will catch up on all the tasks when you come back?


This article is for you! I talk about my experience as a projector with vacations, give you 5 tips and share some insights into undefined heart, sacral, and root centers in your Human Design!


 In this episode: 

(4.16) my first vacation after 6 years

(8.56) having an undefined sacral or heart center in Human Design

(10.53) learning to let go

(11.16) tip#1: Inform your clients and your team that you’re going to take a vacation and what they can expect from you

(14.00) tip#2: make a list of priority tasks to do upon your return

(15.21) tip#3: give yourself time to settle back in after a vacation

(16.50) tip#4: journal about that vacation idea

(17.29) tip#5: Incorporate your vacation vibe into your back home/business routine

(18.25) Bonus tip for generators and manifesting generators


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