Happy Thanksgiving 2019 everyone (or when you are reading this later on – happy day)! I’ve been publishing business and marketing tips ever since this website went live.

However, it’s a special holiday and I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you something a little bit more personal about my growth as an entrepreneur.

I’ve been through so much ever since I started my first business back when I was 18 and looking back, I realized that there’s a lot to be thankful for. So in this article, I’ll list all the things I’m grateful for ever since I started this journey. 



#1 Freedom 


If you know my story (particularly if you follow me on Instagram), you’ll know that I have been a digital nomad for the past 3.5 years. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have achieved that if I didn’t become an entrepreneur. 


Running my own business allows me to travel anytime and anywhere I want. It gives me the chance to do things my way and this is why it’s at the top of my list of the thing I’m most grateful for.



#2 Failures


It might sound weird to some but I’m also thankful for my failures. Without them, I wouldn’t have grown as a business owner. Every failure is a lesson learned and an opportunity to be better.

I wouldn’t have been able to experience this if I was working for someone else. Those failures wouldn’t have as much of an impact. By being my own boss, I get to take responsibility and I am pushed to find a solution. 



#3 Personal Development


Being an entrepreneur also allows me to discover more about myself. I get to see my strengths and weaknesses reflected in how I run my business. 

Since I have total control of my time, I also have the opportunity to reflect and work on further developing myself. Basically, I grow with my business. It’s something that allowed me to find my sweet spot in the entrepreneurial world. 



#4 Opportunities


Having a service-based business opened up opportunities that I could only dream of years before.


Since I’m a marketing coach, I was able to have the chance to work on the marketing of an upcoming resort in Bali. I was able to go to events all over the world and even hold events wherever and whenever I want. 


More than that, I can also say yes to opportunities I align with and no to the ones that don’t fit my flow and my goals



#5 Having an Open Mindset


Becoming an entrepreneur encouraged me to always be open to learning. This goes hand-in-hand with #2 Failures and #3 Personal Development. My business encourages me to listen to what others have to say, especially when they have your growth in mind.


Sometimes, all you need to do is to take a step back so you can have a clearer path to success.



#6 Sleep 


Must be weird to read this here but yes, it’s one of the things I’m super thankful for! Since I control my time, I can sleep at my desk without worrying about a boss who’ll reprimand me 😂


Kidding aside, getting eight straight hours of rest is something a lot of people take for granted. I’m glad that I can take a rest and nap whenever I feel like it.


(Getting to sleep in is also a huge plus! #teammiddaynaps)



#7 My Team


When I decided to scale my business, I knew I needed to learn how to delegate work. (Or I’m pretty sure my head would’ve exploded by now)


That’s why I’m grateful that I’ve connected with a team of like-minded individuals who are able to take my ideas and turn them into something more exciting than I could ever dream of.


Tip to all starting entrepreneurs out there: don’t be afraid to trust someone else. Sometimes, all it takes is finding someone who’ll be able to relieve you of some of your duties to boost your business.



#8 My Support Team


I’m grateful for everyone who’s backing me up. From my boyfriend to my friends who are always there and even to strangers online who cheer me on, I’m happy that I was able to attract such people into my life.


And to whoever is reading this right now, I’m also grateful for it. Reaching this far into the article is also your own way of showing your support and I can’t wait to share more articles with you ✨



#9 The Chance to Connect


Running a business opens you up to people. This gives me the chance to connect with anyone in the world. Connections open opportunities that I would never have thought possible. I’d go somewhere and I’ll be able to build a community with people I align with.


Even the most random ones can turn out to be something that you’d look back to years down the road. One time I made friends with our Uber driver in Romania and we had the most amazing night drinking cocktails on a rooftop bar with his beautiful girlfriend.


I’m taking Thanksgiving 2019 as an opportunity to reflect and be grateful for every connection I make along the way.



#10 Flexibility  


Lastly, being an entrepreneur allows me to find my own rhythm. Since I run everything, my week will look exactly how I create it. I won’t have to follow routines that are set by my superiors. If I need to rest, I can take the day off. 

If I want to travel somewhere, I can just book a ticket and fly out to a beach destination. If I want to work harder and push myself that week, I can and I will without seeking validation from others. 

That sums up everything that brings me joy and purpose as an entrepreneur. I hope this shows you that whether you’re just starting your business or you’re in the process of growing, there’s always something to be grateful for.


How about you? What are you most grateful for this thanksgiving 2019? Tell me the whole story (or list!) in the comments below. 

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