Whenever you come across a business, what do you first see? Sure, there’s the logo, their brand colors, the way they address their customers. That must be what it means to have build a brand that’s memorable, right?

Well, yes… but not quite. In fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Creating a memorable brand that builds a loyal following requires more than strategizing the visual elements.

If you’ve always wanted to build a strong brand, here are the three pillars you should start with:

1. Your Vision

“What would you like to be in the future?” This is probably one of the questions your teacher asked you to answer back in middle school.

As a small business owner, you need a strong vision statement that guides your decisions. A brand will not last long if the owners are simply stuck with a short-term goal and not working towards continuous growth. This is basically your why and it’s what moves the needle in your business.

Another reason why this is crucial in the branding process is that your vision statement determines your position in the society and the economy’s future. Let’s say you’re an eyewear brand. How are you revolutionizing the industry five, ten, twenty years from now?

Here’s a few vision statement examples to draw inspiration from:

2. Your Mission

If you have a strong vision in mind, you’re most likely putting some action to work towards it. This is where your brand’s mission statement comes in. Your mission statement encapsulates both your vision and your brand values. In other words, it reflects your purpose.

Writing a mission statement should always be in the present tense since its primary goal is to tell people about your current commitment. Make sure that your mission statement clearly shows how you can make a difference in a consumer’s daily life.

Building from the previous vision statements, here are some mission statement examples of Uber, Coca Cola, and Google. You can see how they are tied together.

3. Values

How to build a brand that connects? Pinpointing values that align with both your personal and business beliefs. These will serve as your brand’s foundations. You’ve done it—you’ve written your vision and mission statements. But what is the driving force behind those sentences? If your statements are just words randomly put together because I now told you that they’re important, it is NOT going to help your business.

Your brand values serve as the moral compass of your business. Your vision is your goal and your mission is your action but your values are the guidance you need to make sure you stick to your commitment day-to-day.

It shows the consumers what you believe in and that’s what makes it powerful. Once a person relates to what you stand for, that’s when the connection starts.

Here are brand value examples that give you a peek into what guides some of the world’s most-loved brands:

Once you have these three pillars, the copy, design, and all the secondary branding needs will seamlessly follow.

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