Let me introduce you to the 9 centers in your Human Design Chart.

Ever wondered why you are drawn to certain people? Why do some people drain your energy, and others give you a good vibe? Why do you prefer certain types of clients over others? 

Or why you always overthink things and getting stuck in your head?

Let me introduce you to the 9 centers in your Human Design Chart.

The 9 centers in HUMAN DES

The Human Design centers are one of my favorite aspects of the system. The centers show your gifts and shadows. They give great insights on how to structure your offers.  And, they are also valuable when it comes to personal branding and showing up in your marketing.  Plus, I love the deconditioning part when it comes to the centers. There is so much to learn from the centers in your Human Design chart. 


These centers distribute energy around your physical body. 


The Human Design centers have familiar names as the spleen, heart, and throat. But, they aren’t just physical places in your body. You can see them more as energy hubs in your body, similar to the chakra system. However, in Human Design, we have nine centers instead of seven in the chakra system. 


These centers are constantly interacting with the energy around you and that of others. 


You’ve probably also noticed that in your chart, some of these centers are colored, and some are white.



✨The Centers: Defined, Undefined or Open

The 9 centers in HUMAN DESIGN by Stephanie Smolders

When a center is colored in, it means that it is defined. It means that you have fixed and consistent access to the energy of that center. The centers are a constant part of you and are considered your gifts or talents. 


When is centered is white or not colored, it means that it is undefined. The specific energy is not consistent for you. This means that you are open to the influence of others who have this center defined. This doesn’t make you weak or helpless, but it can affect you without you realizing it.
The power in knowing your undefined centers is that you can create awareness and work on the shadows of these centers. 


The undefined centers create the opportunity for becoming an uninvolved observer of the energy of others. They provide great value when it comes to personal growth, shadow work, reflection, and insight into yourself and others. 


If you have no activation in a center, meaning it has no gate (number) colored and is completely white, this means it is completely open and you have no direct access to this center. Even when in contact with others this center can not be bridged.


If you have all of your centers undefined, it means you are a reflector. 1% of the population has this type of Human Design. For you, the centers work a little differently and reflect back the energy of the others without taking it in as much.



The 9 centers and what they stand for…

The 9 centers in HUMAN DESIGN by Stephanie Smolders
  • Head: inspiration, ideas & questions
  • Ajna: digests information, systems 
  • Throat: communication, expression
  • G-Center: identity, values, purpose
  • Heart: willpower, self-worth, wishes
  • Sacral: life force energy
  • Spleen: intuition, fears, health, survival 
  • Solar Plexus: emotions, feelings
  • Root: drive, stress, ambition

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