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Want a biz bestie and strategist to guide you?

I’ll help you…

✔️ Conquer your fear or unease of doing sales/marketing

✔️ Tap into your business vision so that you can attract your soulmate clients

✔️ Free up your time by focusing on action steps and strategies that best works for your human design

If You’re Tired of Doing it Alone,
i'm here to help


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Business Alignment Journey

Yes, passion and profit ARE possible! And you don’t have to be a hamster running yourself to burnout in your wheel to achieve success. In this 1-on-1 coaching journey, we’ll align your vision and business foundations by looking at your human design and personality.

I’ll walk you through discovering the business action steps that best suit your flow! We’ll set up a marketing strategy that CONVERTS for you & your business


Entreprneur by design

What if you could discover how you are uniquely designed as an entrepreneur?

✔️ get insights into how you operate best for your business

✔️ find alignment with your gifts and truly embody them in your business (& life)

✔️ stop the confusion and finally understand what your human design chart means

✔️ understand how to market your business from a place of alignment, it feels fun & easy

Starting from €222



Business elevation session

Feel like your marketing and business have the potential to achieve more but don’t really know what’s missing? 

In just 90 minutes, we’ll go audit your business, unblock limiting beliefs that may be stopping you, and create a personalized action plan for a more profitable business.

ONLY 4 slots per month are available – book yours fast!

Starting from €333




Come check out the experiences and classes that are available. Anything from Human Design, to an all time favorite like TTT! We are waiting for you to join unicorn!

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I would love to hear your story and see if how I can support you on your journey.