Want a biz bestie and strategist to guide you as you achieve your life’s mission?


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I’ll help you…

✔️ Conquer your fear or unease of doing sales

✔️ Tap into your business vision so that you can attract your soulmate clients

✔️ Free up your time by focusing on action steps and strategies that best works for your human design

Business Alignment Journey

Yes, passion and profit ARE possible! And you don’t have to be a hamster running yourself to burnout in your wheel to achieve success. In this 1-on-1 coaching journey, we’ll align your vision and business foundations by looking at your human design and personality. 

I’ll walk you through discovering the business action steps that best suit your flow! We’ll set up a marketing strategy that really CONVERTS for you & your business. 

Deep Dive Session

Feel like your marketing and business have the potential to achieve more but don’t really know what’s missing? 

In just 90 minutes, we’ll go through all the marketing you’ve done so far, unblock limiting beliefs that may be stopping you, and create a personalized action plan to a more profitable business.

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so I can help you gain more clarity on what YOU and YOUR BUSINESS need.

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“Okay so… who’s going to mentor me?”


Hey, It’s Stephanie! 

 I’m a business and marketing unicorn who’s really invested in educating and helping entreprepreneurs with their personal growth and aligning their business strategies.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since I was 18 years old, building my own businesses as my side hustle while studying and teaching. I’ve also been traveling full-time for the past 4 years with my partner and we built a location-independent marketing agency before I fully rebranded to focus solely on 1-on-1 coaching and business mentoring. 

 That’s not all though. I’m here to see you through your lows and cheer you on through your highs. Read my full story if you’d like to get to know me and get a sense of what my coaching style is like. (We might be more alike than you think!)

Stephanie helped me with several projects for my clients, she helped me with setting up my own marketing and she taught me a lot about adding structure to my business.

I can do nothing but recommend Stephanie with much love to others who need a marketingcoach! The knowledge and trackrecord Stephanie has is a GREAT value for everyone.

Beside sharing a lot of knowledge and providing good advice, Stephanie is also a very pleasant person to work with. She is open, honest and she is always cheerful!

Manouk V.

Social Media Manager

Stephanie you are so awesome!!! I am so happy I met you! Thanks so much for today, you are a great lady and so awesome at what you do and today was just a brainstorming session! I would pay top dollars for your services and I’m excited for our future services to come!​

Malak O.

Travel Agent

The course I did with Stephanie was absolutely amazing. You deserve all the credits! I learned so much… and still have a scribbled handwritten list about what to post shoved under my laptop to refer to … which all came from you. Anyone who wonders about the value of investing in your training, send them to me, I’d recommend you 1000%! 

Becky D.

Creative Etsy Shop Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business coach and who is it for/how can this help me? Why do I even need a marketing coach/strategist/mentor?

A business strategist and mentor is someone who offers personalized advice and solutions to whatever business block you have. 

The benefits of mentoring and coaching goes way beyond fixing what needs attention in your business though! When you work with me, I can also help you grow as a person as we find your flow together. 
So if you want to take your business from stagnant to aligned and highly-profitable faster, feel free to book a commitment-free discovery call today. 😊

What makes you different from other coaches?

Unlike other coaches and mentors who just focus on what your business needs, I also dive deep into what YOU need as an individual. 

My style is a mix between coaching, consulting and mentoring: 

  • I make it a point to see you and help you gain confidence in your next move.

  • I’ll try to be there through celebrations and rants (where we can digest and see how we can turn it around), and ultimately become your biz bestie even once our partnership is over.

  • I help you get SUPER clear on your mission and start doing business YOUR way by using your personal strengths to your advantage.

  • I talk you through what you need, give you advice, and draw from my own personal experience to show you what I’ve done for myself and previous clients. 
Why do I need a marketing strategy?

Your marketing strategy helps you move the needle in your business. Sure, you can always simply start and sell but your marketing strategy gives everything direction. It helps you sell your offers with intention in a way that makes it appealing to ideal clients.

What do your services include?

It varies and it’s best that you check out each offer to see what clicks! But to give a brief overview, most of them involves:

✨ A 1:1 video call with me 

A chance for your work (funnels, content, etc. you name it) to be extensively reviewed by me and my team

Personalized approach as I don’t believe in copy/paste

Action steps 

Accountability and continuous check-ins to follow your progress

WHAT SHOULD I LEARN FIRST ABOUT MARKETING? What kind of marketing should I do?

This varies depending on the kind of business or industry that you’re in. Others start with social media marketing while others go down the traditional route (brochures, flyers, etc.) I personally believe that online marketing is the future and that it’s best if you focus on that.

However, online marketing is quite broad and full of opportunities. Focus on one thing at a time and that’s why creating a marketing strategy is so important.

To gain more clarity on the kind of marketing your business needs, we can talk it through during the free discovery call I offer. Book here if you’d like to learn more!


Just shoot my team an email (info@stephaniesmolders.com) or apply for a (free) discovery session with me here. I’d love to know how I’ll be able to best help you so that together, we will get more clarity!