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I empower online entrepreneurs to discover their unicorn 🦄 power so they can create more impact, income, and freedom in their businesses.

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Meet Stephanie ✨

Business and marketing unicorn guiding entrepreneurs with their own strategy by helping them align with their unique talents and design.

I’m an online business and marketing coach/mentor for the past five years, I’ve helped +75 driven entrepreneurs (like you!) connect to their inner guidance. I empower them by fostering their self-worth and realigning their business systems to their Human Design so that they can start speaking and selling from the heart.

Being a serial entrepreneur since I was 18, I know how it’s like building my own businesses while balancing all the other things life throws my way. For the last 5 years, I have been doing it all while traveling the world digital nomad style. 

I have discovered that it is so important to create an aligned foundation and strong inner knowing so that is why I’m here to help you build a strong entrepreneurial foundation so you can start creating more impact, income, and freedom in all areas of your life. 


Align the way you market & sell!


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How I Funded My Travel Lifestyle

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How to Create an Instagram Bio that Converts

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Love Notes 

I thought I knew all I needed to start my own business until I met Stephanie. All that she knows, the way she thinks and coaches people is truly astonishing. One session with her and I had already envisioned all I wanted to achieve for this year and in my business in general. Thank you so much!


Stana Ferrari
Life Coach

I LOVED my deep dive session with Stéphanie! Last year I found her and I felt an instant click with her energy and approach. So when I got stuck with where to put my focus in my business and music, my gut feeling told me she would be the right person to talk to. And that was 100% true! The call was exactly what I hoped for, both very deep and practical. I felt seen and understood in who I am and what I came here to do. What I love about Stéphanie is that she’s really good at holding space for people on a deep level as well in giving very practical (marketing) guidance on how to take action on your vision. That combination is gold! She really helps you to get clear on how to do things in YOUR unique way, and that is such a breath of fresh air (especially in this world full of marketing gurus who think they have the general blueprint for everyone!) Before the call, I was all over the place with my ideas and focus. Now I feel reconnected with my purpose again and much more inspired to bring my soul work into the world. Yay! Thank you!


Anja Kicken
Singer, Songwriter and copywriter

The deep dive with Stephanie into my Human Design was indeed a very, very deep session. Not only did she tell me how I can use my Human Design as an authentic marketing strategy, she also gave advice about my website and social media.

The deep dive was a confirmation to do things my own way, to follow my intuition and to let others see that it’s okay to take time for your own process. There is no one right way. There are many roads and only you can walk your path.

Thank you Stephanie for this strong affirmation. This even led to new inspiration for my book and spiced up my writing plans!


Eveline Broekhuizen
Writing Coach

Super happy to have Stephanie as my coach! Do you know that moment? You’re head is full of ideas, but nothing comes out of your hands… Well, I had that before my coaching with Stephanie. I had already enjoyed the Magnetic Leaders Mastermind with her as my coach, but a few months later I got stuck again. This was the time for even more guidance.

I was developing an online training, but I really didn’t know how to shape it. The text (what I wanted to say) was completely finished but actually starting to record the videos were still a thing … After every session with Stephanie I had so much energy and I immediately took action. All the roadblocks I saw on the road were really gone. Through her tips, I got clarity in what I wanted and how I could best achieve this.

As far as I’m concerned, this coaching is for every entrepreneur who wants to take the their business to the next level.



Eva Noort

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