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stephanie smolders

Hi Lovely,


Are you at a crossroad in your life? Do you feel that there is something more?
Are the questions ‘Who am I’, ‘What do I want’ or ‘What is my life goal’ coming up for you? This means you landed on the right website. I am so happy to connect with you. My name is Stéphanie Smolders and I will be your host for today 🙂


It is my passion to show you how amazing life can be, how much flow there can be. We need more light in the world so I hope we can shine together. I coach and mentor people to connect again with their authentic self and transform their lives. I stand by people who are ready to take the next step towards their dream life, however that may look like. My tools to guide these processes are Human Design, intuition, life experience, years of training and reading, and my spiritual upbringing.


My hope with this website is to give you ‘the happies’ and the acknowledgment that your dream life is possible!

Read more about me & this website here. 

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