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This is how I've been seen by others

Case studies and love notes from awesome clients & students 😍 aka unicorns

P.S. I cherish every single one of you & your messages so if you want to let me know how my work/content has impacted you

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Jasmijn – Teacher Coach
4/6 Sacral MG

“The #1 benefit of working with Stephanie: The amount of effort, input, enthusiasm, and know-how she brings to the table.

I loved the combination of brainstorming, the many marketing ideas and the Human Design insights.

I now see a lot more possibilities for my brand. I grew my followers, launched a course and finally found the clarity on what is truly aligned for me!”


Anja – Singer, Songwriter, Copywriter
1/3 Splenic Projector

” It felt super EASY to connect with you, like you only needed half a word to understand me and then you already had a good tip or questions for me which made me unstuck super fast. Apart from the big shift in direction I made, I found it super nice to be able to ask all my questions. I feel that this gave me a lot of extra time because I didn’t have to think about everything all the time.

What I love the most?
The combo of how you are super intuitive and spiritual as well as super strategic and practical. It’s really nice to have both of those sides in a coach.”


Linde – Breathwork, Ice baths & retreats
1/3 splenic projector

Stephanie helped me start my business, at the time I was doing everything for free. After a year I was at steady 4K sales per month, I had 18 publications in the media and really started to enjoy being an entrepreneur include marketing.  

In coaching sessions, I felt truly seen. She is a walking library of business knowledge & strategies and totally sees what suits you best at any point in your business.
Not a one size fits all, but tailored to you and where you are now.
the Human Design approach made me feel seen in my talents. 
As a projector, a lot of standard business advice doesn’t work. I was delighted to receive useful tips on how I can invite myself.

If you want to feel seen, and start flying as an entrepreneur, Stephanie is your woman! – Or unicorn!


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