Want a biz bestie and strategist to guide you as you achieve your life’s mission?


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✔️ Conquer your fear or unease in doing sales

✔️ Tap into your business vision so that you can attract your soulmate clients

✔️ Free up your time by focusing on action steps and strategies that best works for your human design


12 weeks authentic

1-on-1 coaching

Ready for a biz bestie that is as invested as you are in your business? Together, we’ll create an authentic marketing strategy, set up a rock-solid business foundation and make sure you’ll reach your goals with 3 months of my undivided attention.

I’m right there beside you discovering your route to a successful business!

Marketing Strategy Mastery Program


Let’s turn that idea into profit with close monitoring and mentoring from me. You get four weeks of group coaching and value-packed workbooks + video training as I support you and a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs with creating your marketing strategy. 

Develop your authentic marketing strategy in just 4 weeks!

Deep Dive Session

Do you have a vision for business but still at a loss on which direction to take? You have a bunch of questions on marketing but no idea where to start? I’m here to help you move forward in just one session! Together we’ll go from confused to inspired in just 90 minutes. 

Pick My Brain

Want to get clarity on how to uplevel your marketing but don’t really have enough time to sit down for mentoring? Or you want a second set of eyes on your copywriting, website, Instagram, new launch, and more?

Now easily pick my brain and quickly move forward in your business with my uncensored feedback (& feedforward!)

Stay tuned for webinars & live sessions here!

Keep an eye out for upcoming online workshops and live in person group sessions!

(Oh, and did I mention that some of these goodies might be free? ✨)

Frequently Asked Questions


So happy you’re interested! Please email me (info@stephaniesmolders.com) or schedule an inspiration call for us to kick off this magical partnership. 🦄. 

WHAT SHOULD I LEARN FIRST ABOUT MARKETING? What kind of marketing should I do?

This varies depending on the kind of business or industry that you’re in. Others start with social media marketing while others go down the traditional route (brochures, flyers, etc.) I personally believe that online marketing is the future and that it’s best if you focus on that.

However, online marketing is quite broad and full of opportunities. Focus on one thing at a time and that’s why creating a marketing strategy is so important. 

To gain more clarity on the kind of marketing your business needs, we can talk it through during the free inspiration call I offer. Book here if you’d like to learn more!


If you’d like to invite me for a presentation in your organization, I’d be happy to provide a training session. Please get in contact with me if you’d like to talk about it.

Keep a lookout for my Facebook page or emails about in-person events I organize around the world. 


This entirely depends on you. If you want a more unique and organized approach to bringing you and your business to the next level, then it’s worth considering. 

Think about it: What if you make back your investment right after you sign up to work with me? 

My rule in life: everything I invest in myself and my business comes back to me tenfold #lawofattraction


Just shoot my team an email (info@stephaniesmolders.com) or book a free inspiration call with me here. I’d love to know how I’ll be able to best help you so that together, we will get more clarity!

Stephanie helped me with several projects for my clients, she helped me with setting up my own marketing and she taught me a lot about adding structure to my business.

I can do nothing but recommend Stephanie with much love to others who need a marketingcoach! The knowledge and trackrecord Stephanie has is a GREAT value for everyone.

Beside sharing a lot of knowledge and providing good advice, Stephanie is also a very pleasant person to work with. She is open, honest and she is always cheerful!

Manouk V.

Social Media Manager

Stephanie you are so awesome!!! I am so happy I met you! Thanks so much for today, you are a great lady and so awesome at what you do and today was just a brainstorming session! I would pay top dollars for your services and I’m excited for our future services to come!​

Malak O.

Travel Agent

The course I did with Stephanie was absolutely amazing. You deserve all the credits! I learned so much… and still have a scribbled handwritten list about what to post shoved under my laptop to refer to … which all came from you. Anyone who wonders about the value of investing in your training, send them to me, I’d recommend you 1000%! 

Becky D.

Creative Etsy Shop Owner