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Stephanie Smolders



The world was your playground and you loved every minute of it! Happiness was the way of life and if you were sad it only lasted an hour. The five-year-old that loved herself/himself and everyone around her/him?

How is your life now?


Working 40+ hour weeks, counting down the days until your next 10 day holiday, stressed out, stuck in your 9-5 job, unhappy with your relationships, binge-watching TV every evening, …?

I recognize you.
Because I was you.


This is how my life used to look like:
As a child, I grew up with Reiki, the law of attraction, crystals, astrology, … but got bullied in school because I was ‘different’. I always felt like the odd one out.

I tried multiple studies who turned me into a follower instead of a leader. I jumped from one unsatisfying relationship into another. I went out every weekend and still felt lonely. I had several jobs that did not satisfy me. I thought that traveling the world was only for the rich and famous. Not possible for a small town girl from Belgium with a ‘normal’ job and no financial support. I knew I wanted to change my life drastically but I didn’t know how. I was stuck in my own head and second-guessed every decision. I became a slave to society and acted “perfectly” but I was dying on the inside. I was stuck in this vicious circle and I didn’t see a way out.


Does this sound familiar?


One day I decided that enough was enough. I used to be this child that asked 100 questions, never took no for an answer and explored like my life depended on it. I used to be one with nature and with myself. It was time to bring her back. It was time I believed in myself again! It was time that I decided to live MY dream life and designed how my life was going to look like.


It took me +20 years to create the life of my dreams and now I know what I truly want and need to make it happen! (read my life goals here)


Today I embrace all the wonders the world has to offer and say yes to every aligned opportunity that comes my way.

Today I choose to be happy and share this with everyone around me. Including you!


Loving yourself and your life isn’t just about feeling good. It’s the ‘on’ switch to your dream life.

Life can be this way for you too!
Everything you want and need is already inside of you.
Together we can take the next step towards your authentic self and YOUR dream life!

Stephanie Smolders

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Are you ready to kickstart your dream life?

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