5 tips to define your brand values infused with Human Design Gate 50

Uncovering your brand values is the first step in creating a foundation for your brand, especially since everyone unconsciously incorporates values but is not aware of how they are influencing your business (and life) presently.

Growing up, you get instilled with the values of your environment.

Parents, teachers, the culture you grew up in …

Everyone has certain values and they get transferred to every new generation, but you might not be aware of your core values and how they can benefit your brand.

values - Human Design Gate 50

It’s a Monday morning. You’re standing in line at your favorite café, ready to get your favorite chai latte with almond milk.

 Four people are in front of you. Then three, now two. Then, out of nowhere, a man cuts you off in line. The barista is taken aback. But she doesn’t want to say anything or cause trouble. They serve him quickly, and then you’re up next.

“Can you believe that guy?”, you mutter to the barista.

You value patience and fairness. He doesn’t.

Every day, we make decisions and judgments based on our values. They create our behaviors. They help shape how we think, act and feel. And ultimately, our values help guide us to our purpose in life. Our actions in our business, our personal lives, and even our relationships rely on our values.

✨Can you see how your values have a huge impact on your brand?
values - Human Design Gate 50

Especially if you have gate 50 activated in your chart. You can find it in the spleen center. If you are unsure about your centers and gate activations, check out this article.

In Human Design, gate 50 is the gate of values. 

Keywords: values, harmony, and collective empowerment. 

It gives us the energy to change the frequency of our groups by living our values. 

Core Theme: Fear of responsibility 

Every time you make a decision, express a judgment, or act it comes with responsibilities and those are tied back to what you value.  Every gate has a high and low expression or vibration, you can see this as a talent/archetype (high) and a shadow (low). 

Based on your own Human Design, you can have gate 50 activated in your chart or not. Pull up your chart here. 

Values are always important for a brand but are even more important when you have Gate 50 activated.


On the “high” expression, Human Design Gate 50 is the energy for aligning the group to a frequency that is connected to values and beliefs that will have a positive impact on everyone. Gate 50 has an instinctive knowing that groups are only as healthy as each member and can easily spot fears that “corrupt” a group. With this awareness, it is able to determine the values that will be beneficial for a group or brand. A group can have many meanings here, it can be a Facebook group, your Instagram audience, a group program that you host or your full brand and everything you stand for.

On the “low” end of the spectrum, Human Design Gate 50 is the energy for staying in groups even though you can sense their “corrupt” nature. Even though the group/brand acts out of fear, has no boundaries, and is manipulative, you still stay out of incorrect values and beliefs. This ultimately can lead to confusion and burnout.

If you want to work on the lower expression of Gate 50, you can raise the frequency of Gate 50 with some boundaries, practices, and tools.


In this article, I will share a few tips on how to identify your values and align your brand with them. 

The most important thing to raise the frequency of gate 50 is to know your values (not those of your peers, parents, and culture), reevaluate them, and act accordingly.

✨5 tips for defining your own core values for your brand
values - Human Design Gate 50

#1.Think of the most meaningful moments in your life


What made them meaningful to you?

Who were you with?

What were you doing? 

You can define “meaningful” however you like but these moments are often linked to when you felt complete satisfaction (generators), success (projectors), peace (manifestors), or surprise (reflectors).

#2. Think of the moments you felt frustrated, disappointed, bitter, or angry

This is similar to the first exercise. But this time, try to imagine the opposite. 

What were some of your worst life experiences?

Why were they frustrating to you?

What were you doing?

How were other people behaving toward you?

#3. Pay attention to what stories inspire you

When you are scrolling on Social Media or Netflix, when do you stop and take it in? 

If a friend is telling a story, what do you pick up from it? 

How do you view the characters in stories, movies, …?

#4. Imagine your ideal world

How would people interact with each other?

What is important in your ideal world? How would your business/life be different?

How would you create an impact?

#5. Reflect on the accomplishments you’re most proud of

Take out your golden folder with every happy review, testimonial, and achievement.

What makes you proud and why?

If this is hard to reflect on for yourself; imagine your best friend and the achievements she had. Why are you proud of her and her accomplishments?

Now let’s take a look at the overlapping values in every exercise. If it is harder for you to see the puzzle pieces, turn to your trusted projector who can zoom out together with you.

(I’m here if you want to go deeper together in a deep dive session) 

Or look into these examples of values to determine what is important to you. 

  • adventurous
  • authenticity
  • commitment
  • compassion
  • concern for others
  • consistency
  • courage
  • dependability
  • enthusiasm
  • fearlessness
  • friendliness
  • good humor
  • honesty
  • honor
  • independence
  • kindness
  • loyalty
  • open-mindedness
  • optimism
  • attention to detail
  • Innovation
If you read all the way here, please go back up and do these exercises. Your values are important and I can’t wait to see what insights you are going to get.

There is a lot to cover when it comes to Human Design. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you.

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