When you started, you most likely had a long list of things to do, right? Get your strategy straight, finalize your branding, invest in Facebook and/or Google Ads, create 5 social media profiles and populate them ALL with daily content. 

I’m glad that you’re so pumped up for your business and I’m totally on board with all your ideas!

But before everything else, there is this one question you should ask yourself as you start your online marketing journey 👇🏼⠀


“How can I value, respect, and appreciate others in a way that makes them listen to me and truly hear what I offer?”⠀


Because no matter how much thought you’ve put in your offers, how much time you’ve spent on your Instagram feed, or how much effort you’ve dedicated to your content, it’s all for nothing unless you deliver value to customers. 


How to deliver value to customers?


Great question! Here are three things you can do to add value and entice customers into investing in your offers/products. 


☑️ Make your customer think


Are your offers enough to make them stop in their tracks? 

Is your content offering golden nuggets of wisdom that they can use in their day-to-day lives? Is it teaching them or helping them discover something new? 

Are you offering a fresh perspective that makes them re-think? 

If you’re nodding to most (or all) of these, then you’re getting the hang of how to deliver value to customers!


☑️ Focus on making their lives easier


Will your product solve any of their worries? 

Can it help them breeze through their day? 

Are your services targeted towards boosting them to the next level? 

If you want to close a sale, you must offer a hand first. Or at least, your product or offer should.  

Think of your customers as a frugal minimalist (even though most of them might not be). The way they see it: If it’s useful and is something that helps them in their day-to-day, it’s valuable and worth keeping. 

If not, then why should they invest in it when it’s just going to end up as a fancy paperweight back home? 


☑️ Deliver value to customers by giving them an amazing customer experience


Sounds cheesy but… did your service deliver a smile on your customer’s face?

Do you give your 101% to make sure everything will be smooth-sailing for the client?

Even if your product or service is THE BEST in the world, it wouldn’t matter if all your customer remembers are the delays, inconveniences, or the rude remarks. 

Giving an unforgettable customer experience also builds relationships and if you gave them a great time and a hassle-free service, you’re more likely to get referrals.  

Now, over to you. Did you say yes to any of these questions? Or do you think there are a few things you have to work on? How do you plan to deliver value to customers?

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