Human Design is basically a blueprint of who you are as a human. This can bring about questions about who you are, what you’re good at, what triggers you and what fits your flow among other things. It’s a deeper version of your strengths and weaknesses and this knowledge can help you navigate round how you run your business as I used it with mine. 

This is one of the reasons why I believe your personal life can largely affect your business. One won’t flow well if the other is blocked. I personally see that your traits largely impact how you run your business. 

Determining your Human Design type relies heavily on the birth date, time and birth place. It includes information from the I Ching, the Chakras, and astrology among others, all mixed up together to help you discover yourself deeper. 

When I found out that I am a Projector, it helped me learn what works for me, what doesn’t, and why previous efforts to reach out wasn’t as effective as I hoped it would’ve been. Now, I feel more aligned with my actions. It took a lot of deconditioning (four years since I learned about Human Design!) but it was worth it as I saw what my true power is—being a leader and serving as an inspiration for others. 


The Five Types

  • Generators (18:40)
  • Manifesting Generators (20:46)
  • Manifestors (21:36)
  • Projectors (23:23)
  • Reflectors (26:03)

In this Episode: 

(2:18) What is Human Design

(3:30) Why I believe personal life and business can’t be separated

(5:13) My Human Design type and its role in the Mission-Driven Entrepreneur podcast

(6:37) The history of Human Design

(7:09) How to find out your design

(7:56) How to look up your Human Design found my Human Design 

(9:49) How Human Design found me and how it changed my life

(15:17) The questions that Human Design will prompt from you

(17:31) The different Human Design types and how to use your design in business


Mentioned in the Podcast: 

Article: How Your Human Design Helps with Authentic Marketing

Human Design Deep Dive Session with me

Where you can discover your Human Design


Episode Snippets: 

“I don’t believe you can separate your business from your life. It’s always been a part of me. If in one aspect something is not flowing right, I’ll definitely notice that in my business.”

“Human Design is basically a blueprint of who you are.” 

“What you see as your faults, Human Design can actually lift that and show you the strengths of that “flaw”. 



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