Episode #11 Establishing a Deeper Connection with Nature, your Inner Child and Your Spirituality

“What makes Pip happy?” 

Listening to this podcast episode will give you a lot of quotables and learnings but out of all my guest’s statements, this was one of those that stood out the most. 

With all the hustle and bustle that we face on a daily basis, it’s easy to get caught up with everything. Pippa, on the other hand, knows the importance of taking the time to connect with her inner child and spirituality. 

She finds happiness in people finding their happiness and purpose because she knows they’re connecting with their deeper mission.

Her relationship with nature and the environment is one of the things that grounds her and she is a believer that if you tell the universe what you desire then the universe will deliver. 

It’s no surprise that she now helps women remember their pure purpose by connecting them to Mother Earth. Pippa believes that if you’re not living your true mission and purpose, a lot of people may be missing out with who you are, what you can offer, and how you can impact your surroundings in your own way. 

Listen to her whole story now!

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In this Episode: 

(1:21) Pippa’s unique mission

(2:32) Pippa’s connection with Mother Earth and how this influences what she does today

(7:25) Reconnecting with the child within

(8:03) Her advice to people trying to reconnect with their spirituality

(10:05) Experiencing a “quantum moment” 

(15:22) Embracing balance as a spiritual entrepreneur

(20:08) What it means to be a mission-driven entrepreneur for Pippa

Episode Snippets:

“We all came from the same source, the same energy, and through life, we’ve forgotten how unique we are.” 

“Magic isn’t external. Magic comes from within.” 

“The universe will serve.”

“When you’re doing what you love, you’re in alignment with who you’re supposed to be.”

“If you’re not living your purpose today, that’s okay. You’ll find out when you tell the universe. It’ll find you.”

“By not living your mission, your purpose, imagine how many people are missing out on you.”

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