Episode #12: A Love Letter for When You’re Feeling Stuck

This mini podcast episode is for all the mission-driven entrepreneurs out there who are feeling stuck. Know that this is temporary and that you can always find a way forward.

In my love letter to you, I wanted to give you a few uplifting words and some action that can help you find ways to pick yourself back up and start moving forward again.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now If You’re Feeling Stuck

1. Who are 3 people I can talk to right now?
2. Identifying what’s keeping you static at the moment?
3. Talk to me if you need someone to cheer you on 💖 (Say hi!: info@stephaniesmolders.com)

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In this Episode:

(1:08) Who this episode is for
(1:50) Content overload and comparing ourselves to others
(3:00) On waiting to be happy and why it’s not ideal
(3:56) What you can do now to move past this feeling of ‘stuck’
(5:05) Finding joy in the little things
(6:12) One benefit of being stuck
(6:45) 3 tidbits to try when you’re feeling stuck



Episode Snippets:

“Even if you’re not where you’d like to be, you can still love where you are right now.”

“We need to fall in love with our lives, rather than wishing we had someone else’s.”

“Being stuck is not a bad thing. It makes us stop and reflect.”

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