Kristen is a money mindset and business coach for entrepreneurs and the bestselling author of ‘Stop Chasing Start Attracting’. She specializes in helping you discover how you’re designed to make money while managing your internal and external energy. 

Kristen got interested into money mindset because she lived through it. She grew up in a household wherein the motto “Work hard now, have fun later.” was always drilled into her by her father. She had a lot to unpack over the years, and she spent hours upon hours letting go of that limiting belief. 

Eventually, she realized that it is all JUST a belief. Belief systems are so strong that people even kill for it. But in the end, they’re just stories—a group of words, sentences, phrases that you’ve held onto for so long without realizing that another set of beliefs (hopefully positive ones this time around) can debunk and prove wrong. These limiting beliefs wouldn’t even exist if we didn’t hold onto them and she notes that everything is just made up in our minds. 

Listen to Episode 13 as Kristen and Stephanie talk about conquering limiting beliefs, tuning into your own frequency and how all these can help you attract the level of abundance that you’re always meant to reach. Tune in to hear these two self projected projectors get excited about abundance and life. 



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In this Episode: 

(1:35) Kristen’s mission 

(3:30) Kristen’s own history and relationship with money 

(6:30) How she found human design and on being a Projector

(10:46) What it means to tune into your frequency

(13:19) Money beliefs and Kristen’s advice

(20:35) On creating and writing a bestselling book 

(26:38) An exercise on mindset and beliefs from Kristen’s book

(35:30) Attracting your people by just being yourself

(39:30) Your triggers and what it reveals about your mindset  

(43:25) What it means to be a mission-driven entrepreneur for Kristen

Episode Snippets:


“True abundance doesn’t come from hustling. It doesn’t come from trying really hard. It comes from your way of being and deep knowing that you are in the state of abundance so that you can attract the type of abundance that you desire.” 

“Anything that you decide to do comes from a thought. It comes from a belief.” 

“Business is 80% mindset and 20% of it is just the action.” 

“When you’re on a certain level of frequency, there are people who are naturally attracted to you and there’s going to be people who are repelled by you and those are not your people.” 

“When we see things as an experiment, then we can detach ourselves and our ego from the result.” 

“When I first started my business, I was so serious. The moment that I was able to let go, and be playful and just be myself, that’s when things started coming to me.” 





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