Episode #2: How to Ask for Testimonials from Your Clients

I recently got this question and thought it’s time to share how I get my testimonials, both written and in video, from my soulmate clients.

But before everything else, one thing we need to discuss first is the mindset of reviews. Think of why you’re not asking for it and what makes you afraid that clients might tell you that you are no good? 

Once you’ve reflected on those questions, here are some tips to keep in mind before asking your clients for testimonials:

  1. Get clear on why you want a review. Is this to improve your offers/products? WHY are you asking for a review? 
  2. Where are you going to use the client testimonials? Are you going to share these in your stories? Will you put this on your website? 
  3. Make it as easy as possible for your clients. Guide them in making a review for you. You can do this by hopping on a 15-minute call and asking your questions or by emailing your questions. 
  4. Timing: When do you ask? Do an analysis of your customer base and the journey they take with your product or service to determine when might be the optimal time to ask. Ideally, you should ask for client testimonials after the customer experiences success with your product or service. They’re happy with their results and with your working relationship during this time and are more likely to sit down to write or film a testimonial.
  5. Asking for a review should be a part of your offboarding/checkout procedure. Make it a standard so that you are just ticking off a box ‘done’ rather than going back and forth if you want to ask that client or not. 
  6. Be thankful and give people the credit they deserve. You are asking for time so make sure you are thankful for the words they are giving you. I also see writing a testimonial as part of our work together. Reflecting on where you were and where you are now because of your work together is a very important piece of the puzzle.
  7. Are there guidelines or a rule of thumb for testimonials? There are no specific guidelines for getting client testimonials but I personally do it by walking them through some guided questions. 

Learn more about this topic by listening to the second Mission-Driven Entrepreneur podcast episode! 


In this Episode: 

(1:40) Why asking for client testimonials should be a part of your marketing strategy

(3:59) The mindset behind asking for reviews

(5:36) 7 Things to keep in mind when asking for a review

(12:50) The role of case studies

(13:07) Following up on client testimonials

(14:00) How to compel clients to give you a review

(18:41) The exact questions I ask to get quality testimonials

Episode Snippets: 

“The more feedback I have, the more I can improve and the better my services will be.”

“Get really clear on why you want a review.” 

“Oftentimes people are afraid to openly ask for feedback because of the whole imposter syndrome. They often don’t trust their own product.” 


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