Ever considered transitioning from a physical to an online business? The process can be overwhelming at first, but with how the digital world continues to bloom, it is a worthy time and financial investment. 

I listed down the four things you can check off your list if you’re considering starting an online business.   


Look after your website as if you’re taking care of your physical store


If you have a brick and mortar store, you most likely spend a reasonable amount of time designing, arranging, and cleaning your shop. 

Starting an online business will be the same since you’ll have your own digital space—your website. 

Make sure your website…

  • Has consistent branding (Read: good design 👌🏼)
  • Is secure (Get an SSL certificate. This will usually be available through your hosting provider)
  • Loads fast (compress large image files, for starters)
  • Is mobile-friendly
  • Has readable and easy-to-understand copy and content
  • Has clear navigation (minimize categories as much as you can so readers will know where to go)

Choose the right online marketing platform

Think of your current customers and brainstorm where you’ll most likely find them online. 

Are they in their 40s to 50s? Almost everyone is on Facebook and there’s a high chance you’ll attract them to your store by being active on the platform. Are you mostly selling to young adults? You’ll find them clicking through shoppable posts on Instagram

You know what they say when it comes to business—location, location, location! And when you find the right social media channel to pour your energy in, the easier it will be to find your target customers and achieve brand visibility. You don’t have to be visible everywhere and do all the things. Make sure you choose the right platform for your business and you!

Streamline your online payment system

If you want to earn online, make sure you make it easy for your customers to pay. The trick here is to minimize checkout time as much as possible. The longer it takes to go to that “Pay Now” button, the more chance they’ll get to double-think making a purchase. 

Set up one-click payment systems (like having a PayPal button on your website), give your prospects the ability to check out anytime and anywhere, and make sure you can accept payment from major credit and debit cards. 

Did this give you confidence that you can transition from a physical to an online business? Tell me more about your game plan by applying for a FREE strategy call here!

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