When you started your business, how did you approach your marketing? Like with any type of business, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. However, one thing any entrepreneur should keep in mind is that alignment attracts. 

So how do you find alignment? I’ve personally found mine through the power of human design.

Human Design is a system that helps you understand how you’re designed to move through life with ease. From how you interact and communicate to how you approach things, your human design is that guiding compass that makes sure you are in the flow. 

People are so fixated on their weaknesses rather than energizing their strengths and even I have fallen victim to that. That’s why human design has been so helpful as it gave me the opportunity to delve deeper into who I am.  

To know your human design type, head over to myBodyGraph.com and input your name, location, birthdate, and time of birth. Come back to this article and see how your design can influence your marketing.

“What kind of strategy best fits my human design?”

One thing to consider about your human design? It can also be applied to how you run your business. In fact, your processes may even flow freely once you start marketing by design! Nowadays, you’re more likely to sell when you humanize your business rather than just looking at data.

Marketing with your human design type in mind can help you cut through all the unnecessary steps so that you’ll unveil the type of strategy that works for you. Here’s a brief overview of what works for each type: 

Generators and Manifesting Generators – Generators are the builders of the world. Their energy is generated and unfolds whenever it responds to their environment. They’re designed to respond and so far, interacting in Facebook Groups and acknowledging calls for help from people is what works really well for these types.. Since Generators are energetic, they’re vulnerable to always (and I mean always) say yes to any project, causing overwhelm later on. The best way for Generators to use that boundless energy is to first test out if they resonate with a specific activity. They need to feel the YES in their body. Manifesting generators have a slightly different approach but it all starts with responding as well. This is just a brief overview but we’ll dive deeper on human design and marketing in other articles and masterclasses. 

Manifestor – Manifestors are designed to inform. However, this can be tricky for Manifestors since they (and most people) grew up being told what to do and what not to do when they do share their ideas. They also tend to create quickly that they forget to even inform in the first place. By sharing your ideas, you’re most likely to attract the right kind of people. So let’s say you’re in the process of launching a new course. Make sure you inform your followers beforehand and this will draw them into jumping along once everything’s ready. Behind-the-scenes Instagram stories and little snippets work really help and get people engaged with your brand. 

Projectors – Projectors are natural-born leaders. However, they’re also more vulnerable to burnout than all the other types so hustling constantly is not sustainable for them. This is where outsourcing comes in handy. If you’re a Projector, what you can do is wait for people to invite you before you respond. You focus on visibility instead and it will attract people into recognizing and approaching you. I call this the lighthouse strategy. I’m a projector myself and I’m not just waiting around for things to happen. I share what I’m passionate about and step in my role as a leader and expert by creating content that attracts others. 

Reflector – They’re the rarest of all human design types and only 1% of the human population are Reflectors. Being visible and waiting before taking action steps is the best route to take. Make sure you’re tuning in to your own energy and not hard selling as this might backfire. People are then naturally drawn to you when you do your own thing.

When you start marketing authentically, the more you’ll attract people to your business. Even better—you’ll attract those who fit well into your energy and target market.

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