How an Education Coach Made, Launched, and Sold Her First Online Course

Case Study: Juffencoach

Business Owner(s): Jasmijn G.

About the Business

Jasmijn G., founder, and owner of Juffencoach, advocates for achieving balance within yourself. She believes that it all starts with you and that this is the key to helping teachers transform both their lives and their students. Education Coach


Before approaching Stephanie Jasmijn was frustrated because of an expensive previous business coaching trajectory. She was balancing two companies, Juffencoach and Kopjecoaching, two companies with a different audience and direction. 

She was unclear on what direction to take and where to put her focus and attention. Moreover, she wasn’t completely sure about what her vision and mission were. She was ready to take her coaching career to the next level and to truly step into her mission to transform the education space in The Netherlands. 

Discovering Jasmijn’s Potential

Here are some of the topics Jasmijn and Stephanie worked on together: 

  • Deep dive in the true mission of Jasmijn
  • Researched Jasmijn’s Human Design to gain an insight on how she can best do her marketing and scale her company 
  • Held Jasmijn accountable for her plans with regular follow-ups and support
  • Showed Jasmijn that it’s best to educate people about her offers, rather than go the hard-selling route 

Other things Stephanie helped with: 

  • Audit of her website and social media platforms
  • How to create content that engages her audience and attracts new potential clients
  • Set up a launch strategy for her online course ‘Juf in Balans’

A piece of advice/insight that completely changed the way you do your marketing/business?

“I need to TEACH people that I SELL things.”

– Jasmijn


Since working with Stephanie, Jasmijn was able to gain visibility, attract more potential clients and boost her marketing knowledge. She found clarity on how to proceed with Juffencoach and learned to see the possibilities around her. 

  • 300+ follower growth on Instagram
  • Created her first course and started selling it
  • Felt more motivated, energetic, and aligned with her business
  • Saw herself more as an expert and an entrepreneur, which helped her gain more online visibility
  • Media coverage on national radio
  • Viral content on Facebook with +400 shares due to following her strategy based on her human design
  • Developed more in-depth email marketing
  • Set up a freebie funnel 
  • Created sales pages and redesigned the website for more flow
  • Became comfortable in showing up in Instagram stories and talking to the camera
  • Developed her mindset to show herself more online and go live on social media


What was it like working with Stephanie? 

“The #1 benefit of working with Stephanie: The amount of effort, input, enthusiasm, and know-how she brings to the table.”

– Jasmijn G.


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