You did it! You ran your first ad, optimizing like crazy the last few nights, and now ready to see Facebook drive in sales! But days already passed by and you’re wondering why it’s not converting the way you thought it would. 

Or maybe you’re someone who’s ready to take the leap and give it a go but don’t really want to make mistakes the first time around. Hey, you may only need a dollar a day to run an ad but that’s still hard-earned money, right?

Well, the good news is that you landed on the right article! Seeing your ads not converting may be discouraging at first but there is always a work-around. 

Read on to know what may need changing in your ads how you can start creating campaigns that drive impact (and $$$)!


1. Your ad copy needs improving

It’s tempting to simply say “BUY MY PRODUCTS NOW” in your ads. Earning money from them is the goal, right? 

But number one tip to remember about marketing? People hate being sold to. 

Or at least, they’re resistant to being bombarded with promotions that they should buy this and that. If your Facebook ads aren’t converting then there’s something with the way you tried to convey your message. 



In every ad you plan to run, remember that it all boils down to value. If you’re releasing ads just for the sake of selling and not showing people strong reasons why it’s worth the purchase then people wouldn’t even think twice about scrolling past it. 

Don’t stop with explaining the features of your product. Focus instead on the benefit and how it will positively affect their lives. 


2. You need to take a second look at your sales funnel

Sometimes, it’s not the ad itself that’s the problem but what people encounter once they click. 

If you have a high click-through rate but not a lot of people are purchasing, chances are that something needs improving or changing on your landing page or website. 

For starters, reflect on the following: 

🤔 How long does it take before my landing page loads?

🤔 Will people clearly understand what I offer the moment they click? Is the ad’s message consistent with what’s being said on the landing page? 

🤔 Do I guide them in availing my product? Or am I just promoting something and (unintentionally) hope they figure it out themselves?


Now, there’s a number of ways to fix this and there’s still quite a few things you should consider when creating a funnel for your ads. For now, we’ll focus on what I asked you to reflect on.

“How long does it take before my landing page loads?”

💡 If you notice that it takes way too long, you can start by either decreasing the photos on your landing page or resizing them. Try to go for image sizes that don’t go beyond 500kb.

“Will people clearly understand what I offer the moment they click? Is the ad’s message consistent with what’s being said on the landing page?”

💡Follow your own ad. This advice may seem like it’s a no-brainer but it is the best way to see if there’s a disconnect and if your ad’s message is carried throughout the funnel. 

Do I guide them in availing my product? Or am I just promoting something and (unintentionally) hope they figure it out themselves?

💡Always have a clear CTA, especially on the landing page. Do you want them to check out a product? Have a button that directs them to do so. 


3. You need to further optimize

Before running your first campaign, one of the main things you need to learn is how to optimize Facebook Ads and knowing how to navigate your way around Facebook Ads Manager. 

And you’ve done just that. Isn’t that enough? 

But there’s more to optimizing than simple demographics. Targeting females aged 20 to 45 years old may be enough for some businesses but if you’re not getting the clicks you need to sell, then you’re not speaking to the right people. 

You’re actually wasting money showing your ad to these people because it would most likely be ignored. 

Fortunately, Facebook allows you to go to the nitty gritty of ad targeting with the Custom Audiences feature.  



Create an in-depth buyer persona if you find that your Facebook Ads aren’t converting well. You’ve probably heard this from a lot of business and marketing tips out there and it’s also something that I personally do for everything. 


Things you need to keep in mind (other than age and gender): 

👉🏼 What influences them

👉🏼 Their pain points (that will most likely push them to click the ad) 

👉🏼 Interests and hobbies

Once you’re filling in the details in, make sure to keep your answers to these questions in mind. 


Did all these hit a little bit close to home? Find that your Facebook Ads aren’t converting and that you’re really losing money? Have you always wanted to create impactful ads that will finally, finally convert? I have a solution for that 😉 

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A preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Choosing the right format for your campaign
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  • The basics of creating your ads: 
  • How to create graphics that match your goals
  • Writing ad copy that attracts clients into investing in you
  • Ways to improve your ad spend 
  • Determining the right ad size 
  • Determining your targeted audiences for a successful campaign
  • How to select your ad budget for your campaign
  • What NOT to do when you are starting with Facebook Ads
  • So if you know that 2020 is THE year where you’ll finally use Facebook to your advantage, the Facebook Ads Masterclass is your chance to learn all these without fumbling around all on your own. 


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