Starting an online business goes beyond finding ways to be profitable. I’ve always believed that the heart of any entrepreneurial venture lies in the joy it brings to the founder. 

It’s one of the major things I’ve learned when I decided to shift from being a marketing agency owner to being an online business coach and mentor. This decision made me see that I’m mostly in my element when I interact with mission-driven entrepreneurs. I find purpose in helping them scale their vision and turning it into the thriving business they dream it to be. 

Now, I want to help you also find fulfillment in what you do. Here are the things I went through and the characteristics I’ve developed in my journey to creating a purposeful online business: 

1. Having aptitude for online business

One of the characteristics of an entrepreneur is their ability to enjoy business for business itself. You need to have some interest in having your own business and you light up at the thought of immersing yourself in your chosen niche. 

If that’s not you, you should probably not pursue having your own business at all. If you’re excited about doing deals and exploring multiple ways to create income then this is the first step. 

2. Developing a can-do attitude 

More than having an entrepreneurial mindset, you also need to develop a positive, can-do attitude if you’re thinking of starting an online business. 

You can create this positive attitude by helping others and focusing on your personal gifts. Act as if you can take on any problem and contribute to any situation. You’ve got this! 💪

3. Prioritizing practical application

Taking the initiative to apply everything that you’ve learned is what will jumpstart everything. There is no substitute for hard work, improving your craft, and going all out to living your dreams. 

When I say that you need to know how you can apply what you’re learning, you need to know the vocabulary of your field and the basic structures of your industry. You need to understand industry standards and be able to apply these in your venture. 

Picasso was an accomplished realistic painter before he created modern techniques that defied the norms of his art. The same is true for other innovators. You’ll rarely start off being the exception and from there, you can start making your own waves in your chosen niche.

4. Acceptance

Learn to accept yourself as you are both your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be surprised to learn that no single attribute or quality you possess is ever in and of itself either a strength or weakness. 

You also must be willing to accept risk, change, and failure. Someone who never fails is not pushing far enough and will never reach their full potential. 

A good business will rarely come from those who are cautious. It will come from those who are brave enough to accept all that comes (even your own fears!). This way, you can move into a space of courage and ultimately create the online business of your dreams. 

5. Awareness 

Heightened self-awareness and awareness of your environment are essential for creating and starting an online business. 

Are you aware of what is happening around you? Are you aware of your inner dialogue? The easiest techniques (that worked well for me) to build awareness are to start journaling and breathwork. Meditation also plays a big role in cultivating awareness for your own thoughts. 

6. Inviting abundance into your life

The process of starting an online business can be daunting but when you invite abundance in your life and are ready to receive. Most people are really good givers but poor receivers. Are you ready to receive abundance in your life? Creating an online business that you love has unlimited potential. Are you open to unlimited possibilities? This is a good question to start your journaling session with (see step 5).  

What would you like to have more of? Would you like to have more income? More success for your clients? When you allow abundance into your life, the more likely you are to attract the positive outcomes you’ve always desired. 

7. Practicing gratitude

If you’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur, being able to appreciate both major and minor milestones is the key to creating an online business with purpose. Appreciate the fact that you can start a business. Appreciate and have gratitude. 

Appreciate all the things that come to you and start by giving back. How can you start making an impact? It can be as groundbreaking as lending a hand to an organization to as simple as smiling to more people. This will help you start a business that’s enjoyable from the inside out.

Now, over to you. Which among these do you think you need some help cultivating? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below ✨

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