If you’ve scrolled through your feed at least once in the past 7 days, you might’ve encountered an ad or two that looks suspiciously like what you’ve been searching for in the past few days. 

Since being introduced in 2004 (just a month after Facebook launched!), Facebook Ads shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon… and it has been a gamechanger for marketing any business.

Are you thinking of running your own campaigns but still on the fence about investing in Facebook Ads?


Here are 5 reasons why Facebook Ads is worth adding in your social media marketing strategy:

1. Your target customer is most likely on Facebook

The numbers (and your list of Facebook friends) speak for themselves: everyone is on the platform. 

And that’s what makes it such an effective way to reach your audiences! As of the 4th quarter of 2019, Statista recorded that there are almost 2.5 billion daily active users on the platform.

This means that you won’t be limited to just a single demographic. 


2. It’s one of the cheapest forms of advertising

Why use Facebook ads, you say? 

Best answer: You don’t need a significant start-up cost to even start. Little known fact about me: I only invested $25 when I first started using Facebook Ads!

In fact, the minimum ad budget you can set is $1. Of course, the higher the investment means the more you’ll see the ROI. Still, you’ll have to admit that getting a few eyeballs on your newest launch for just the price of one (veggie) burger per day might be worth the shot.

3. It’s measurable 

If you’ve been implementing your marketing strategies, know that post likes aren’t the only way to measure your hits and misses. 

Your Facebook Ads Manager also gives you access to your analytics and stats, making it easier to A/B test and see which campaigns are converting the most.


4. Simple to set up and easily customizable 

In the past, you would need at least a creative agency, a few thousand dollars, and even a permit to get your products out on the streets.

Now, all you need is Facebook Ads Manager and a creative yet strategic mind and you’re good to go! (And of course a credit card or PayPal)

Another reason why I use Facebook Ads is that the platform allows you to determine every single detail for your campaigns.

Want to target moms in Minnesota? You definitely can.

Want to specifically capture the attention of 21-year-old makeup fans who visited at least one lipstick online store in the past week? Definitely possible!

And you can work out all of this right on your Facebook Ads Manager.


5. You can set goals… and Facebook understands

Another reason why using Facebook ads is worth adding in your marketing strategy? It can cater specifically to your objective.

Right from the start, the platform already asks you what you plan to achieve with your ad. You’ll then be able to set the timeframe and budget to ensure that you won’t go over your planned ad spend. You have total control over your campaign and you can stop it anytime if you wish. 

Considering trying Facebook Ads? Get a taste of what it’s like to create your first ad campaign by joining me in my free Facebook Ads training on March 19 (11 AM CET)!


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