If you’re reading this, you might be someone who’s rushing and posting on a whim, hustling just to get something out this week. On the other hand, you might also be someone who never ventured this territory much in the past and you’d like to know how to plan content for the upcoming months. 

Heck, even I fell into both categories. There was a time when I felt intimidated by getting my voice and my story out there. Similarly, there were also months when I had to stay up late at night just to write tomorrow’s blog!

Whichever category you fall into, this great news is for you: Mapping out a whole year’s worth of posts in just a day is possible! And yes, it’s possible to brainstorm them all in just a day. 

The key to content marketing success is being aware of the foundation of the content creation process. 

If you’re thinking of creating a one-year content plan in the next 24 hours, here are a few tips you should go through first before strategizing your next step. 


1) Think of your target audience

First things first: Focus on your readers/listeners/viewers. 

I know how excited you are to just type away your thoughts and hit publish (I’ll admit that I’m the same way sometimes 🙌). Since this is something that you’d like to get people’s eyeballs on, you have to add in a dash of strategy if you want it to not be scrolled past by.

Go through a mini customer avatar brainstorming session. This time around, think as if you’re selling your content.


Questions to ask yourself: 

  • Who are the people I attract? Why are they drawn by what I post?
  • Who are the people that I’m targeting? The ones who I’d like to share my story with?
  • What are their pain points? 
  • What were the possible factors that caused them to stumble upon this post?
  • What will cause them to stop in their tracks and take a second look at your post


2) Set SMART Goals

Once you’ve determined your target audience, it’s time to set down some goals. It’s not enough to research how to plan content effectively. Instead, be intentional in listing down what you want to achieve. I recommend reflecting on your SMART goals if you want to publish posts that speak to your readers. 


Questions to ask yourself: 

S: Are your goals specific and clear?

  • What are the kind of posts you’d like to put out there?
  • Would you like to inform and educate? To promote and sell? To build a community? 

M: Are your goals measurable by stats?

  • Have you set specific targets or KPIs in place to see how far along you are in achieving content marketing success?
  • Do you track your website traffic with Google Analytics?
  • Do you track your Instagram/Facebook statistics?

A: Are your goals attainable for your current state?

  • Do you have the time to publish content regularly?
  • If not, do you have someone you can outsource it to?
  • Do you have the budget to create the kind of content you envision?

R: Are your goals relevant to your business? 

  • Why are you prioritizing content this year? 
  • How is it relevant in boosting your business’ sales? 

T: Are your goals timely for your audience? 

  • Is your message something that your readers need right now? 
  • Are you open to publishing content that fits the needs of your audience?

3) Set content pillars in place

If you’re looking for an effective way how to plan content, having content pillars or content buckets to refer to will make your life way easier. 


But what are content pillars, you ask? You can consider them as the building blocks of your brand’s content. It’s like determining the categories that make your business’ posts more you

Questions to ask yourself: 

  • What kinds of content am I most passionate writing about? 
  • What kinds of posts will drive attention to the business? 
  • What kinds of posts will draw readers into becoming clients?

(I go more in-depth with these questions with my content calendars!)

4) Build a social media and content calendar


Once you feel that you’re more in touch with your audience, have the right pillars in place, and have pinpointed your main goal that drives your content, it’s time to map it all out so you’ll have more flow in your marketing efforts. 

One of my favorite content creation tools are content calendars. It may not be a camera or a word processing software but it’s one heck of an accountability tool. 

When you have a content plan for social media and your website, complete with the exact dates that you aim to post them, you’d feel more compelled to follow through. 

If you simply don’t have the time to create an effective content calendar, I do have TWO up for grabs here! (And yes, they’re bundled together) I help you dive deep into your content pillars AND give you the relevant 2020 dates that can inspire your content this year. 

Click that button down there if you want to streamline your content before February even rolls around. 

(A big YES to an organized 2020!)

And there you have it—the necessary foundations to building a one-year content plan! If you’d like to get your content creation started, reflect on these four tips first to reach content marketing success. 

Your turn: What are you struggling the most about when it comes to content? Let’s chat in the comments below👇🏻

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