In this episode, we talk to Esther from Traits Studio. She found her calling as an empowerment photographer, taking portraits of women like you and me to help them truly embrace who they are RIGHT NOW. Her photo sessions are raw and real, no make-up, no staging—just you and your body.

Ester started with self-portraits, jumpstarting her career to start empowering women because she used to feel insecure and disconnected from both her own body and mind. She didn’t know how to express herself and her whole journey of self-development started with her love for photography.

As she started to photographing other women, she realized that a lot of people felt the same way and was amazed by the mindset shifts after a photoshoot with her. 

This inspired Esther further, and now she does portrait photography because she believes that this is her way of helping other women starting to accepting insecurities about their bodies. Through her lens, she encourages people to see their own beauty and she believes that it’s a beautiful way of becoming more visible to one’s self.


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In this Episode: 

(1:35) How and why Esther became an empowerment photographer

(4:00) Creating stories with photographs and how it helps with self-acceptance

(6:02) Social media as a self-empowerment tool 

(11:09) Opening up on social media 

(17:05) Taking self-portraits

(22:01) What to look for when doing branded photoshoots

(24:03) Esther’s message to other photographers

Episode Snippets:

“I really like to empower women because I used to feel very insecure for a long time and very disconnected from my own body and mind.”

“Images of yourself can really help you become more aware of your body and what you actually look like and help you accept the way you are, flaws and all.”  

“Be your own comparison.” 

“I found out how damaging the media is and how fashion photography really is. It shows this ideal of a body and it’s heavily manipulated.  I don’t want to be a part of that and I decided regular women like you and me to have a Vogue cover-worthy cover of themselves.” 

“Self-portraits can really help to connect you more to yourself, to see other sides of yourself. The way you view yourself in the mirror or the front camera of your phone is different than when someone takes the photo.” 

“A lot of people think self-portraits are vain or narcissistic but I think you get to see so many pictures on a daily basis of other people who you view as perfect. Why not feed your brain with pictures of yourself so you truly get to know yourself and who you are.”





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