Self-love might just be a buzzword to some but it can be transformative, both for your life and your business, when you decide to listen to your body. 

Linde Jelena’s story embodies this so well. This fellow Projector found her calling to help women connect with their inner wisdom so they can serve as their own life compass after she got out of a bad relationship six years ago. She lost contact with her intuition and started to doubt herself with every decision. She worked long hours and wanted to control everything. 

The turning point was when she got hit by a car and had to recover at home for three months. That’s where she discovered Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof, a few weeks later she was climbing a mountain at -30 degrees celsius in her bikini —an experience where she did powerful work for her body and felt connected with herself once again.  

Since then, she’d been doing breathwork and ice work and being an all-around badass when it comes to working with the elements to reconnect with her body. This extends to how she helps other women, guiding them to listen to their own body, to pinpoint their own blind spots and to trust themselves so they can be their own compass.

Throughout her journey, she learned that loving yourself will set the foundations to your life’s happiness and success. Listen to her whole story now!


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In this Episode: 

(2:10) Linde Jelena’s story and how she reconnected with her body again

(4:24) Why it’s important to have self-love and why you shouldn’t rely on someone to take care of you

(6:53) How self-love changed Linde’s relationships

(8:40) What are blind spots and why there’s nothing wrong with you

(11:28) Staying open, holding space and connecting the dots

(12:47) Working with the elements and how it connects to the wisdom of your body

(19:13) Surrendering to breathwork and ice work and pursuing it as a business

(21:12) Going for a relaxed pace instead of hustling when starting a business

(23:12) How Linde figured out what works for her as an entrepreneur

(24:30) Confusing fear with intuition

(26:19) What every person needs to hear right now (according to Linde)


Episode Snippets:


“It’s also important to give yourself encouragement—to give yourself love and nurturing. That way, it will fill you up and that will always be there…. You’re not asking others to fill up that hole for you.” 

“You’ll really have a stable base for yourself if you love yourself.”

“You build better relationships when you love and respect yourself because you’ll expect that from other people as well.” 

“I believe that everybody has a lot of wisdom inside themselves already and I would never say ‘This is your problem. You should change this and this and this.’” 

“The true victory can be walking away because it’s you respecting your intuition and the intuition of your body.”   

“I’m really working from flow in my business. I’m working from what feels good and being a kind boss to myself.” 

“I am never mean to myself about taking time off.” 

“Be the boss you wish to have. What do you want as an employee?” 

“You are worthy of love right now—with everything that you are.” 





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